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It affects the things that people buy and the profits of companies that produce them.

A social trend can affect the economy because:

Concern for the environment.

When people recycle, they are part of the social trend showing:


Countries that have a high standard of living for most citizens have a __________economy.


Countries that depend on agriculture to meet local needs, and don't have much to trade with other countries have an ____________economy


Countries in which mining and manufacturing are becoming common, but agriculture is still important have an economy that is __________.

Newly industrialized

Mining and manufacturing have developed along with farming; there is a high standard of living for some people in this______________


The level of diversification doesn't affect how high or low the standard of living is in a country.
True or False

Primary Sector workers

Mining engineer, Tree planter

Quaternary sector

New product developer for Samsung, Computer systems analyst

Secondary Sector

Worker in a fish processing plant, Worker in a oil refinery

Tertiary Sector

School bus driver, City councillor

Tertiary, Primary

In a diversified economy, the __________sector has the most jobs and the ________sector has the fewest.

Countries with Diversified Economies

Australia and Germany

Countries that are Industrializing

China and Russia

Countries that have a mainly Agricultural economy

India and most of Africa

Countries that have a Newly Industrialized economy.

Brazil and Mexico


Type of economy Canada has

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