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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Sean Covey, Mrs. Collum
What is Habit 1?
Be Proactive (as opposed to reactive-coke and water, remember?).
What is Habit 2?
Begin with the End in Mind- plan and set goals. This was the habit where we created a mission statement.
What is Habit 3?
Put First Things First- This was the habit where we covered 'Eat that Frog' briefly. It means to put the hardest tasks you dred first. Don't forget the Mark Twain quote about eating a frog every moring so they day would only go uphill from there.
What is Habit 4?
Think Win-Win- pretty straight forward. More flashcards for this later.
What is Habit 5?
Seek first to understand, then to be understood- Major points include the greatest need of the human heart(later), manipulating parents, and different bad learning styles(later). You should listern with your mind, heart, and soul.
What is Habit 6?
Synergize- everyone works together, 1+1=3, different types of people(later), steps to get over differences(later), learning styles(later)
What is Habit 7?
Sharpen the Saw- final touches, basic stuff you already know. MInd, Heart, Body, and Soul- later.
Private Victory
First three habits, what you celebrate yourself, no one else would notice a big difference.
Public Victory
Habits 4,5, & 6- People besides yourself realize you're changing, you notice bigger results and major shifts.
Habit 7- You should continue renewing yourself so you dont lose what you've earned.
Common ingredient to success (according to A. Grey)
Doing things failures don't like to do.
Comfort and courage zones:
Comfort zone is composed of things you've done before, know how to do, and will continue doing. Courage zone is composed of things you've never done, don't REALLY want to do, and are afraid and uncomfortble in. Covey says we shouldn't stay in the comfort zone because of FEAR.(*dont let fear rule your decisions)
Four human tools:
Self Awareness, Conscienciousness, Will Power, Imagination
"Everyone's out to get me!"
Goal Making Steps:
Count the Cost
Put it in Pen
Just do it
Use Momentous Moments
Rope Up
Wrong Wall (bad goal)
Its all over syndrome (pessimism)
Negative Labels (bad rep.)
Time Quadrents
Urgent and Imp.: The Procrastinator
Not Urgent amd Imp.: The Prioritizer
Imp. and Urgent: The Yes-Man
Not Imp. and Not Urgent: The Slacker
Deepest need of the human heart?
To be understood.
5 poor listening skills, list AND explain:
Spacing Out: daydreaming and not listening.
Pretend Listening: acting totally engaged while thinking about something else
Word Listening: like skimming, but when listening instead of reading
Self-centered Listening- apathetic, "how does this affect me", judging
Selective Listening- only hearing what you want to hear, and not paying attention to the rest
Tumor twins:
Competition and Comparison
Planning events
1. Locate 'big rocks'
2. Schedule big rocks
3. Put little rocks around them
(little rocks being of less importance, big rocks being of higher importance)
Carpe diem!
living for the moment, like you're going to die tomorrow (we watched the clip from Dead Poets Society)
What is a personal mission statement?
A list of your aspirations and morals as a person in any format.
3 parts of genuine listening-
Listen with eyes ears and heart
Stand in their shoes
Mirror(but dont mimic...fine line)
Percents of communication (words, tone, body language)
7% words, 40% tone, 53% body language
Communicate with parents
Genuinly listen to their side
Ask caring questions (how was your day, darling mother?)
Fully describe your side, and back it up with evidence
These will develop a better relationship of compromise where you're favored a little better.
4 attitudes towar the world
Win Win!- the best, and All You Can Eat Buffet
Win-Lose- Totem Pole
Lose-Win- Doormat
Lose-Lose- Downward Spiral
Diversity Levels
1- Shun Diversity
2- Tolerate Diversity
3- Celebrate Diversity
Roadblocks to celebrating diversity:
Ignorance, Cliques, Prejudice
5 step action plan to synergy?
1. Define Problem (ID issue)
2. Their way (understand them)
3. My Way (be understood)
4. Brainstorm (create options)
5. The Highway (use the best solution)
"We are all a minority of one"
everyone's special.
Dont let ______ get in the way of your education
The Body (list at least 2 examples):
Eat good food- (food=mood, moderation is key)
Exercise- (how you feel, not look)
Drugs-(people hate smokers, drugs=bad, stay away)
Refusal Steps
1. Ask Questions, use your brain
2. Name problem
3. State consequences
4. Sugest alternative activity
5.Take off
The Brain (2 examples again):
Get a good edu-(more $, easy to get a job)
Sharpen Mind-(easiest=reading)
Find Niche-(find a subject youre interested in)
Edu before Grade
Barriers to developing brain
Nerd Syndrome
The Heart (2 examples):
Watch your bank accounts
Dont have sex(unless you're ready)
Have a spot in nature
The Soul (2 examples):
Don't judge
Good Media
Keep a journal
All addictions are bad
Dont watch porn(fried frogs, you get used to it too much)
Find time for renewal
Smart choices?
Dont drink
Dont do drugs
Dont have sex
Stuff you dont want to do
FRIED frogs
Slowly turn up the heat so frogs dont realize they're dying. (yummy)