People and Places in the Legend of King Arthur

King Arthur
Son of Uther Pendragon; King of Britain; founder of the Knights of the Round Table
Avalon (Avilion)
Island in the western seas where King Arthur goes at his death
Sir Bedivere
Last of the Knights of the Round Table
City where Arthur's court is established
Sir Ector
Arthur's foster father
Arthur's sword
Sir Galahad
Son of Sir Lancelot and purest of Arthur's knights; succeeds in the quest for the Holy Grail
Sir Gareth
Gawain's brother and Arthur's nephew; assumes disguise as Beaumains
Sir Gawain
Nephew to King Arthur; son of Morgana; most courteous of Arthur's knights
Queen Guinevere (Gwynevere)
Daughter of King Lodegreaunce; Arthur's wife
Holy Grail (Sangreal)
Cup used at Last Supper; object of quests of Knights of the Round Table
Sir Kay
Arthur's foster brother and steward
Lady of the Lake
Gives Arthur his sword
Sir Launcelot (Lancelot) du Lake
Greatest of the Knights of the Round Table; father of Sir Galahad
Merlyn (Merlin)
A magician; counselor to Arthur
Sir Modred
Arthur's nephew; plots to overthrow the king
Morgan le Fay
Arthur's half sister; sorceress
Round Table
A wedding gift from Arthur's father-in-law; provided seats for 150 knights