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Music, composers, and styles.

Rebirth, awakening;
Humanism, church;
polyphony, Machuat;

- The Renaissance, which literally means _____, experienced a cultural ____________ that brought a flourishing of the arts, letters, and sciences throughout Europe.
- With the rise of __________, sacred music began to break away from the confines of the ________. Many composers began to master the art of ________ started by Guillaume de _______, and write with more artistic freedom and individualism.


> Focus on man not divine. A cultural movement in the renaissance that turned away from medieval scholasticism and revived interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought.

Printing press, Gutenberg, print, Speed.

>This 15th century invention by _________ which revolutionized the ability to______ information which in turn affected the _________ of the spread of information itself.

Sacred, latin.

> An unaccompanied choral composition with _______, +_________ lyrics, Polyphonic choral work set to a sacred Latin text other than that of the mass; one of two main forms of sacred Renaissance music.

The Mass;
Kyle Gives Chicago a Super Awesome/KGCSA = Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Angnes Dei = KGCSA.

>Liturgy of the word, Performed in churches by clergy
FOR lay people - kings, peasants Emulating the Last Supper of Christ The musical sections of the Mass are also Gregorian chant melodies.

Mass parts?

Josquin des Prez, Flemish;
Contrapuntal, Ave Maria.

> __________ __ __________ was one of the first to master the ________ Style.
> Other techniques he used in his other masses: cantus firmus mass, paraphrase mass, parody mass, canon.
> Master of ___________ techniques: canonic writing, imitative counterpoint; rich in emotional expression, vocal settings sought to express meaning of text through frequent use of syllabic text setting, modal harmonies: triadic (3rds and 6ths) often with dissonance: wrote ___________...virgo serene

Flemish Style

>Influenced by the Italian Renaissance in style. More details and emotion, lots of death

Madrigal, voices, Instruments, love

The __________ is a Renaissance secular work originating in Italy for __________, with or without ____________, set to a short, lyric ________ poem; also popular in England.

English Madrigal, Morely, Italian, Musica transalpina

The _______ _______ was started by composers in England further developing the _________ madrigal. English madrigalists included:Thomas _________, John Farmer. First collection of Italian madrigals published in England entitled ______________(Music from beyond the Alps) English madrigals were often simpler and lighter in style than Italian.

William Byrd

English organist and composer of church music, master of 16th century polyphony; was granted a monopoly in music printing with Thomas Tallis (1543-1623).

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