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16 Grammar Rules - Subject-Verb Agreement

First Rule
Subject = Singular, Verb = Singular. Subject = Plural, Verb = Plural
Second Rule
'And' = compound subject. Compound Subject = plural = plural verb.
Third Rule
Subject = back of a sentence
Fourth Rule
Subject and Verb separated by appositives - ignore and look if they are in agreement. If not, check the other parts of the sentence.
Fifth Rule
Either - or, Neither - nor sentences - 2nd subject = singular, Verb = singular. 2nd subject = plural, Verb = plural
Sixth Rule
Noun and Number agreement
Seventh Rule
Illogical comparisons
Eighth Rule
With, along with, in addition to, as well as - DO NOT change original number of subject
Ninth Rule
Be careful of: _ of _ - Real subject is before the word of
Tenth Rule
Each, either, neither, every(one/body), no (one/body) = singular
Eleventh Rule
Both, several, many are usually plural
Twelfth Rule
Collective nouns are singular
Thirteenth Rule
A number of = plural, The number of = singular
Fourteenth Rule
Subjects - singular or plural depending on context
Fifteenth Rule
Missing Subjects
Sixteenth Rule
"There is" - alters normal word order and confuses