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  1. personal writing
  2. purposes of writing
  3. plagerizing
  4. brainstorming
  5. proofreading
  1. a listing all the ideas that come to mind associated with the topic
  2. b calls for you to read your final copy for typing errors or handwriting legibility
  3. c is to present another person's words or ideas as if they were your own
  4. d students can express their innermost thoughts, feelings, and responses through a variety of personal writing, including journal writing, diaries, logs, personal narratives, and personal essays
  5. e to express yourself, to inform a reader, to persuade a reader, to create a literary work

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  1. part of your writing that is established by what you say and how you say it
  2. the writer shows order of time or the steps in a process
  3. reports another's words without quotation marks except around words repeated exactly from the source
  4. use of positive feedback or cutting wit to mock someone
  5. topic that you are discussing

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  1. rhetorical featuresanalogies, extended metaphor, appeal to authority, appeal to emotion


  2. other sourcesfilm, art, media, and so on


  3. introductory paragraphleads into the topic of the essay, trying to capture the reader's interest


  4. publishingthe "going public" stage of writing


  5. counterpointsexamples of student's essays, created to organize and explain their selections for end-of-term writing; reveals how much students learn from such reflection; careful attention to students reflections invites instructors to change their approach so that it encourages the process of learning that students describe