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  1. persuasive / argumentative writing
  2. proofreading
  3. comparison
  4. introductory paragraph
  5. self-assessment
  1. a can be used in a group work to assist students in raising their awareness about the quality of their contributions to the group; part of any writing assignment to summarize strengths and weaknesses they see in their writing
  2. b leads into the topic of the essay, trying to capture the reader's interest
  3. c calls for you to read your final copy for typing errors or handwriting legibility
  4. d the writer demonstrates similarities and differences between two or more subjects
  5. e students learn rhetorical strategies to persuade others, such as by writing editorials, arguments, commentaries, and advertisements

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  1. when the essay supplies guideposts that communicate the relations among ideas
  2. achieved when all parts of the essay relate to the thesis statement and to each other
  3. a detailed statement of someone else's statement expressed in your own words and your own sentence structure
  4. speech or written form that debates or argues a topic in a logical way
  5. a book, article, videotape, or any other form of communication

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  1. quotationsthe exact words of a source set off in quotation marks


  2. purposeeither to give your reader information or to persuade your readers to agree with you


  3. creativespeech or written form in which one expresses thoughts and feelings with imagination and creativity


  4. common transitional expressions and the relationships they signalperforming speeches, plays, videos; making a speech, participating in debate; creating booklets, brochures, family scrapbooks, or personal web pages; publishing a school newspaper, magazine, or portfolio; submitting work for publication beyond classroom for a literary magazine, local newspaper, professional publication for writers


  5. student-created sourcescreative, expository, persuasive, argumentative


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