Cramerton 8 Chap 16-17 Vocab

13th Amendment
outlawed slavery
14th Amendment
gave full rights of citizenship to all people born or naturalized in the US, expect for Native Americans
15th Amendment
gave African American ment the right to vote
Black Codes
laws passed in the southern states during Reconstruction that greatly limited the freedom and rights of African Americans
northern born Republicans who moved south after the war in hopes to profit from Reconstruction
an escaped slave who joined the Union army during the Civil War
Freedman's Bureau
an agency established by Congress to help poor people throughout the South
a warship that is heavily armored with iron
the period following the Civil War when the US government worked to reunite the nation and to rebuild the southern states
Southern Republicans
process used by Congress to bring charges of wrongdoing against a public official
Border States
slave states that did not join the Confederacy
Habeas Corpus
constitutional right which guarantees evidence must be used to prove a person's guilt during a trial
Cotton Diplomacy
southern war strategy dependent on Great Britain's support to buy raw materials for their textile industry
the freeing of slaves
midwesterners who supported the Confederacy and opposed the freeing of slaves
Total War
practiced by Union General Sherman during the March to the Sea