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  1. Hay-Herran Treaty
  2. Isolationism
  3. In the Boxer Rebellion...
  4. Who led the Rough Riders in Cuba?
  5. Dollar Diplomacy
  1. a Agreement with Colombia that would have given the U.S. a 99-year lease on a 5 mile-wide strip of land across the Isthmus of Panama; rejected by the Colombian senate.
  2. b National policy of avoiding involvement in other nations' affairs.
  3. c Chinese nationalists known as Boxers attacked foreigners in order to end outside involvement in China's affairs;put down by U.S. Marines and other forces after two months.
  4. d Theodore Roosevelt
  5. e Using Economic power and business investment to influence events, encourage stability, and keep European nations out of the region by expanding American businesses there.

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  1. poet and patriot that was exiled out of Cuba.
  2. Lead Filipino rebels and U.S. troops and took control of the Philippine capital, Manila.
  3. True
  4. Francisco "Pancho" Villa
  5. Yellow Journalism

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  1. True or False: The Anti-Imperialist league supported the U.S. in efforts to build a colonial empire.False


  2. Fransisco Maderodemocratic reformer who began the Mexican Revolution.


  3. What document suggested that the U.S. closely watched debtor nations?Yellow Journalism


  4. Platt AmendmentAmendment to the Cuban constitution that gave the U.S. the right to become involved in Cuba's foreign and domestic affairs; remained in effect until 1934.


  5. Emiliano Zapataone of the people who led movements to overthrow General Victoriano Huerta;supported democratic reformer Fransisco Madero against Porfirio Diaz; Hero to Mexico's poor.