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K12 PowerSpeak Latin I 2nd Semester Week 15 Vocabulary "Symbols of Gods" and "3rd -io and 4th Conjugation Verbs" Macrons Omitted

These are the vocabulary words from the fifteenth week of the second semester of Latin I in k12 PowerSpeak. Only the macrons that affect the translation of these words are included. There are bound to be some errors, so please tell me if you find any!
fulmen, fulminis (n.)
lightning bolt (Jupiter)
quercus, quercī (m.)
oak tree (Jupiter)
aquila, aquilae (f.)
eagle (Jupiter)
pavo, pavonis (m. or f.)
peacock (Juno)
tridens, tridentis (m.)
trident (Neptune)
flamma, flammae (f.)
flame (Vesta)
cycnus, cycnī (m.)
swan (Venus)
columbus, columbī (m.)
dove (Venus)
vultur, vulturis (m.)
vulture (Mars)
ignis, ignis (m.)
fire (Vulcan)
malleus, malleī (m.)
hammer (Vulcan)
lyra, lyrae (f.)
lyre (Apollo)
laurus, laurī (m.)
laurel tree (Apollo)
cervus, cervī (m.)
stag (Diana)
caduceus, caduceī (m.)
staff (Mercury)
bubo, bubonis (m.)
owl (Minerva)
oliva, olivae (f.)
olive, olive tree (Minerva)
uva, uvae (f.)
grape (Bacchus)
accipiō, accipere, accepī
accept (3 principal parts)
conficiō, conficere, confecī
finish (3 principal parts)
cupiō, cupere, cupivī
want (3 principal parts)
faciō, facere, fecī
do, make (3 principal parts)
iaciō, iacere, iecī
throw (3 principal parts)
adveniō, advenīre, advenī
arrive (3 principal parts)
audiō, audere, audivī
hear (3 principal parts)
dormiō, dormīre, dormivī
sleep (3 principal parts)
sciō, scīre, scivī
know (3 principal parts)
sentiō, sentīre, sentivī
feel (3 principal parts)