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A variable's location in memory where its value is stored.


A variable or value passed to a procedure.

Control class

The data type used to create a control object.


Comments that describe a procedure and any preconditions or postconditions of the procedure.

Function procedure

A procedure that performs a specific task and then returns a value. Also referred to as "function."


A variable declared in a procedure to accept the value or address of an argument.


Giving data to a procedure.


A statement of what must be true at the end of the execution of a procedure if the procedure has worked properly. Also referred to as "post."


The initial requirements of a procedure. Also referred to as "pre."

Reference parameter

A variable declared in a procedure to accept the address of an argument. Reference parameters can alter the value of the variable arguments used in the procedure call.

Sub procedure

A set of statements that perform specific tasks. Event procedures and general procedures are Sub procedures.

Value parameter

A variable declared in a procedure to accept a copy of an argument. Value parameters cannot alter the value of the actual arguments used in the procedure call

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