50 terms

Humanities 214 51-10

Bugsy Siegel
Which of the following is most closely associated with opening the Flamindo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux
Which of the following is most closely associated with the eighteenth- century House of Education, which inspired the design for the College of Architecture at the University of Houston?
Frank Gehry
Who designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain?
Louise Lawler
Who is the photographer for Pollock and Tureen, which demonstrates the "sense of diversity and multiplicity" available in the visual arts?
Richard Estes
Who created Central Savings, which involves transferring the artist's photograh to the canvas through a variety of techniques?
Chuck Close
Who included a series of miniature abstract paintings within the squares of a grid overlaying a photograph to create Stanley?
Pat Steir
Who created Yello and Blue One-Stroke by modifying Jackson Pollock's drip technique by "allowing paint to flow by force of gravity down the length" of the canvas to form waterfalls?
Gerhard Richter
Who often blends techniques of realism and abstraction to created such works as Meadowland and Ice?
Richard Serra
Who seeks to create works that viewers can "walk into, through, and around," rather than compel viewers to maintain their distance?
Damien Hirst
Who incorporated actual cadavars of animals to create Mother and Child Divided?
Nam June Paik
OF the following, who is often considered the "father of video art"?
Eleanor Antin
Who created Minetta Lane- A Ghost Story, which consists of three narrative film, transferred to video disc, and back-projected onto the tenement windows in the reconstruction of three buildings on a Greenwich Village street that runs for two blocks?
What serves as the principal metaphor for Bill Viola as he seeks to represent the passage of time?
Bill Viola
Who created the video installation piece Five Angels for the Millennium?
Robert Wilson
Among the following, who is NOT specifically mentioned as being a practitioner of postmodern fiction?
Thomas Pynchon
Who wrote the novel V?
Herbert Stencil
Which of the following is NOT a character in City of Glass?
Aurora Levins Morales
Who is the author of "Child of the Americas", which reflects on the distinctive culture group inside the United States adn created by NOrth Americans of Hispanic?
Ravi Shankar
Who is NOT specifically listed as being among the "chief practitioners of magical realism"?
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Who is the author of One Hundred Years of Solituted, which tells the story of six generations of the Buendia family?
David Antin
Who is the author of "If We Get It", which was traced out by skywriters in the skies above Santa Monica beach?
John Ashbery
Who is the author of "On the Towpath," which addresses the abolition of meaning?
Philip Glass
Who composed the music for Einstein on the Beach?
Laurie Anderson
Who created an eight-minute version of "O Superman", that is credited with helping to inaugurate MTV?
Andreas Gursky
The chapter's "Continuity and Change" section mentions the questionable status of photographs when they are submitted as evidence in a court of law. Who is responsible for 99 Cent, the "digitally composed panorama of corporate commerce which is not literally factual"?
Marshall McLuhan
Who is considered responsible for soining the term "global village"?
Santiago Calatrava
Who designed the Athens Olympics Sports Complex and has won the design competition for the Port Authority Trans Hudson train station at the site of the former World Trade Center in New York?
Itsuko Hasegawa
Who designed the Museum of Fruit, three buildings which rise in the vineyards near Mount Fuji?
Rem Koolhaas
Who designed the headquarters for the Central Chinese Television in conjunction with the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
Renzo Piano
Who designed the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center in Noumea, Australia?
Yinka Shonibare
Who creates art works from the colorful printed fabrics that are worn throughout West Africa?
Doris Lessing
Who wrote "The Old Chief Mshlanga," which tells the story of a young Rhodesian girl?
Chinua Achebe
Who wrote Things Fall Apart, the story of an Ibo village of the 1890s and one of its great men, Okonkwo?
Wole Soyinka
Who wrote A Dance of the Forests, a commentary on post-colonial African politics?
Masami Teraoka
As part of a series addressing AIDS, who created Geisha in Bath in a style similar to Ukiyo-e works?
Yasumasu Morimura
Who created Portrait (Twins), in which the artist appears in two roles?
Mariko Mori
Who created Play With Me, in which th artist appears as a cyborg from Japanese manga?
Hung Liu
Who created Virgin/Vessel, which depicts the tradition of foot-binding Chinese girls and women?
Zhang Huan
Who invited 40 peasants to stand in a pond to raise the water level as a political statement?
Zhang Hua
Who created a series of photographs that challenge the stereotype of women as submissive by featuring them holding duns?
Shirin Neshat
Poetry composed by which of the following is associated with the series of photographs entitled Women of Allah?
Shahzia Sikander
Who combines training in miniature painting with contemporary art styles to create such works as Pleasure Pillars?
Luis Valdez
Who created Farmworkers at Guadalupe, a mural project that refers directly to Cesar Chavez and the National Farm Workers Association?
Luis Valdez
Who founded El Teatro Campesino and produced Zoot Suit, a play that exposed to police brutality and injustives faced by the Chicano community in the 1940s?
King Sunny Ade
Among the following, who is known as the Minister of Enjoyment and is known for his album Juju?
Bob Marley
Among the following, who is most closely associated with reggae, which developed in Jamaica and was originally known as ska?
Astor Piazzolla
Among the following, who is most closely associated with the Argentinean tango?
Caetano Veloso
Among, the following, who is most closely associated with the Brazilian musical movement known as Tropicalismo?
David Byrne
Which of the following is NOT among those specifically mentioned as establishing, the American Indian Movement (AIM)?
The chapter's "Continuity and Change" section mentions an informative installation that includes maps, drawings, video, text, and ceramic titles. Which nation commissioned this work by Newton and Helen Harrison?