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  1. falter
  2. foretell
  3. dearth
  4. taut
  5. decay
  1. a to tell of beforehand; predict; prophesy.
  2. b an inadequate supply; scarcity; lack
  3. c to hesitate or waver in action, purpose, intent, etc.; give way
  4. d tightly drawn; tense; not slack.
  5. e to become decomposed; rot

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  1. bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed; pliant; flexible
  2. a substance composed of two or more metals, or of a metal or metals with a nonmetal, intimately mixed, as by fusion or electrodeposition.
  3. having the nap worn off so as to lay bare the threads of the warp and woof, as a fabric, garment, etc.
  4. in a state of foul decay or decomposition, as animal or vegetable matter; rotten.
  5. the visual and especially tactile quality of a surface

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  1. lynxtightly drawn; tense; not slack.


  2. brute1. a nonhuman creature; beast.
    2. a brutal, insensitive, or crude person.
    3. the animal qualities, desires, etc., of humankind:


  3. unsteadynot steady or firm; unstable; shaky


  4. blazea bright flame or fire


  5. coarsecomposed of relatively large parts or particles