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3" x 5"
index card

Step 2: Open the file

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Step 3: Print it!

Step 3: How to print

Print the PDF. Fold each page down the middle along the dotted vertical line and cut the solid horizontal lines.

If your printer has a special "duplex" option, you can use it to automatically print double-sided. However for most printers, you need to:

  1. Print the "odd-numbered" pages first
  2. Feed the printed pages back into the printer
  3. Print the "even-numbered" pages

If your printer prints pages face up, you may need to tell your printer to reverse the order when printing the even-numbered pages.

Please use the "Open PDF" button to print your set.

Why? In order to provide a consistent printing experience across different computers and web browsers, we've provided a standard PDF format for you to print.

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