25 terms

Gilded Age

Andrew Carnegie
(rags to riches man) took control of the steel industry & its suppliers
Social Darwinism
biological evolution, specific traits are passed down from generation, the strongest will survive while the weakest die
a firm that could not only beat out all its competitors, but have complete control over an industry's production, quality, wages paid & prices
people who turned their stock over to a group of trustees (not legal)
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
made forming a trust that interfered with free trade among states or internationally illegal
John D. Rockefeller
a oil business tycoon, who gave low wages, had low prices to beat out the competition and then raised prices to compensate for the loss, HE WAS A MISER
labor unions
groups that fought for the rights of workers
an economic system in which the factors of production are owned by the public and operate for the welfare of all.
What are three positive aspects to Big Business?
-economy rose
-jobs are created
-charities are created
-business are run for less money
-assembly line is created
-division of labor
What are three negative aspects to Big Business?
-only a few rich people with money
-harsh labor conditions
-long hours
-low wages
-no job security
-health issues
-replaceable, and loss of human importance
Positive impacts of Immigration?
-spreading of culture
-new ideas
Negative Immigration Impact?
-take jobs
a person who leaves ones country to settle in another
a person who lives in their birth country
What are the 4 main reasons people left Europe?
1 war
2 famine
3 religious persecution
4 over population
How did most immigrants make their passage to the United States?
Immigrants would typically crowd in the steerage decks of ships, steerage class was the cheapest and the least comfortable
Who were the immigrants and how did the rest get over?
Usually the immigrants were men who had families in Europe and they would save up money and send it home to their families so then their families could come over also
Ellis Island
the main processing point for immigrants on the East coast
Angel Island
the main processing point for immigrants on the West coast
What did immigrants go through when the arrived in the U.S.?
they were given medical examinations and could be sent back for the slightest of reasons regarding medical issues
Did most political cartoons support immigrants or reject immigrants?
What were immigrant neighborhoods like? What were the positive and negative aspects of living in one of these neighborhoods?
the majority of the immigrants settled in big cities in areas that their language was spoken and therefore did not assimilate to the US, but were able to connect with people
What types of immigrants came to America on the West Coast?
mostly asian immigrant who settled in the west and worked on the railroads
crowded overnight lodgings where one could sleep or find shelter for a little while but had to leave in the morning
Where did most immigrants work?
in factories where the conditions were harsh