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The ABC's of EdTech

This flashcard set introduces some of the buzzwords prominent in Ed Tech at this moment

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A teaching style that mixes face-to-face instruction with digital learning.
Blended Learning
A teaching style where most of the content is delivered as homework online and class time is spent on problem-solving.
Flipped Classroom
Stands for Open Educational Resources. These are free, reproducible resources that can be used by teachers. (Gooru loves OER)
Stands for Personal Learning Network. Your network of educators that support what you're doing.
Using a polling software like Socrative or PollEverywhere to generate live feedback from your students.
Live Polling
Filming your computer screen using a tool like Jing or snag-it to deliver lectures to your students.
Student Response System: Commonly known as clickers, these devices allow you to gather and record data from your entire class quickly and easily.
# referred to in the past as pound sign or number sign. Is used in social media to "tag" posts to assign them to a topic or group
"Acceptable Use Policy" Agreement that staff and students sign regarding what they will do while using the district technology or infrastructure
Outsourcing of storage to megaservers owned and managed elsewhere which allow users to access it from a variety of devices
Google Apps for Education
Strange looking symbols (usually a square) that you can holds text, links or information that you can access by scanning it with your smartphone.
QR codes