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Study Questions

Study questions for Pony Club Quiz Rally.
How much water should a horse drink a day??
12 gallons
What two things should a horse always have available to it??
Water and Salt
How many inches are in a hand??
What is the tallest height a pony can be??
14.2 hh
What is the horse breed that is known to be the fastest to run a quarter mile??
the Quarter horse
What is the proper order to feed your horse??
Water, Roughage, Concentrates, Succulents
How do you put a blanket on??
1. Place blanket on neck. 2. Fasten chest straps. 3. Fasten surcingles. 4. Fasten leg straps.
How do you take a blanket off??
1. Unfasten surcingles or leg straps. 2. Unfasten chest straps. 3. Slide the blanket off toward the back.
What does your pony wear for a jogout??
A bridle
What teeth in the horse's mouth eventually need to be removed??
the Wolf teeth
What are vital signs??
Temperature, Pulse, Respiration Rate
What is the quickest way to cool a hot horse??
Pour large amounts of cold water over him
How do you check the fit of a saddle??
Run your hand under to make sure there is no pinching
What farrier tool is used to file the hoof??
the Rasp
What are the four basic principles of good horsemanship??
Security for the rider, Effective use of the aids, Non-abuse of the pony, Unity between pony and rider
What height should feed bins and water buckets be??
Chest height of the pony
What grooming tool should be used daily??
the Hoof Pick
What are the two types of bedding??
Drainage (such as straw) and Absorbent (such as sawdust)
What can be put in the bottom of a pony's stall for extra cushion??
Rubber Stall Mats
What is the minimum pasture fence height ??
3ft 6in
How can you control lice??
by applying medicated powder
How can you kill ticks??
by dropping them in a container of alcohol
What kind of cloth can be used to remove stains from your pony's coat??
A Cactus Cloth
What is "roughing off"??
a long vacation from work
What are the 4 basic immunizations a pony must have??
Tetanus, Equine Encephalomyelitis, Influenza, and Rabies