Chapter 5 Energy Resources

Natural Resources, Fossil Fuels, and Alternative Resources
Natural Resources
Any natural substance,organism, or energy form that living things use.
Renewable Resource
A natural resource that can be used and replaced over a relatively short time.
Non-Renewable Resouce
Is a natural resource that cannot be replaced or can only be replaced over thousnada or millions of years.
Is the process by which used or discarded materials are treated for reuse.
Energy Resources
Are natural resources that humans use to produce energy.
"Crude Oil" Is an oily mixtue of flammable organic compounds from which liquid fossil fuels and other products.
Natural Gas
Gaseous fuels.
Solid fosslil fuel formed underground from buried decomposed plant material.
Strip Mining
Process in which rock and soil are stripped from the Earth's surface to expose underlaying material.
Acid Precipatation
Rain or snow that has a high acid content due to air pollutants.
Is a photochemical fog produced by the reaction of sunlight and air pollutants.
Nucler Energy
Alternative source of energy that comes from the nuciel of atoms.
Solar Energy
Energy from the sun.
Wind Energy
Energy produced by wind.
Hydroelectric Energy
Energy produced by falling water.
Organic matter that contains stored energy.
Alcohol and gasolione mixed.
Geothermal Energy
Energy from within the Earth.