Place Value with Decimals Review

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ten thousandsthe fifth place left of the decimalhundred thousandsThe sixth place left of the decimal.millionsThe seventh place left of the decimal.tenthsThe first place value after a decimal point.hundredthsThe second place value after a decimal point.thousandthsThe third place value after a decimal point.whole numberA positive number, including zero, that does not contain a fraction or decimal.equivalent decimalsdecimals that name the same numberroundingRound off numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand.decimal pointIs a symbol used to separate a whole number from values less than one. ex. In this picture I have 2 wholes!ALL NUMBERS HAVE A....Decimal!The first number to the right of the decimal istenths 1 dime 10 dimes = $1.00 .10 = $ 0.10 1/10Second number to the right of the decimal ishundredths 1 penny 100 pennies = $1.00 .001 = $ 0.01 1/100whole numbersthe set of numbers that start with zero & go on forever; not fractions or decimalsComparing Numbersto determine if two quantities are greater than, equal to, or less than each other < > +Greater Thangreater than the symbol > shows the first set is larger or more than the second setLess Thanless than is a symbol < show the first set is smaller or less than the second set looks like an 'L'Equal Signequal sign is a symbol that shows two amounts have the same value Equal sign means the same as!

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