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Art in the Western World DSST/DANTES

DANTES DSST flashcard review
What year did the Romans annexed Greece (when athens was sacked)?
86 B.C.
When did the ancient Greeks emerged to a rising and fuller culture?
1000 B.C.
The 2 bronze warriors that were pulled from sea from what Italian town and what year?
Riace 1972
What was Greek art about in regards to philosophical expression?
The ideal of manhood: pride, strength, resourcefulness, honest, and virtue
When was the Persian invasion fought off by the Greeks?
490 B.C.
Who led Greece around 479 B.C. and what city was the emerged as the dominate power?
Pericles Athens
What were the dates did the Greeks entered the Golden Age?
495-429 B.C.
Athens introduced democracy under what century?
6th B.C.
What were the dates did the Greeks achieve the high point of civilization where Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, laid ideas of Western philosophy, Herodtus establish history, discipline and chronicled the Persian Wars, Aeschylus and Sophocles refined Greek tragedy, and all cultivated an outlook on life that was humanistic, antiauthoritarian, questioning, and undogmatic?
480 to 323 B.C.
When did the Macedonians became rulers of Greece and at this time the classical phase ended?
338 B.C.
As the classical phase ended, the classical arts balance interest in what?
individual, natural, specific features with generalities, ideas, and norms
The two warriors from Riace were created about what year?
450 B.C.
Who commisioned the Warriors from Riace and for what?
Athenians dedicated it to the sanctuary at Delphi to commemorate their victory at Marathon.
The warriors may have been based on what Homeric heroes?
Agamemnon and Menelaus
What principles did the warriors from Riace reflect?
500 years of experimentation with human form that produce and demonstrate human perfection around 5th B.C.
What do scupltures represents?
deity, tomb mark, or serve as offering.
The greek themselves asked about what?
their origins, destiny, morality and government.
What did the Greeks learned from the Egyptians and what did they infuse in their art?
static art Greeks infused visual and emotional experience in their art.
What dates was the Parthenon built?
447 to 432 B.C.
It was erected on site of an earlier temple that was destroyed by who?
It was built from (blank) marble set on a (blank) base as it utilized parts of the old building in its construction.
Pentelic limestone
The Pathenon is rised from what (include definition)?
Acropolis (sacred outcropping dominating Athens)
Built as a temple and dedicated to who?
virgin goddess Athena Parthenos, daughter of Zeus and patron and protector of Athens
Parthenon building was no accident but result of refinement in temple building in Greece, 1st made of (blank) and built in stone, with (blank) construction technique of earlier wooden structures. Its height, width, columns, mass, open space, and relation to its surroundings express a sense of order and peace.
mud and wood post-and-lintel
The (blank), (blank)(the space between 2 blocks with vertical groves in the (blank) of a (blank) order), and central lock carried sculpture (painted in colors).
pediments metopes frieze Doric
(blank) statue (by (blank)), now lost, was principal statue of Partheneon. May have been over (blank)ft high with gold and ivory embellished goddess standing in her sanctuary.
Athena Phidias 30
Temple of Hera II was built in what yea and where?
460 B.C. Paestum, Italy
What is the style and what compressed by weight of the structure?
fluted column, pediment, roof, and carved architectural embellishment Large columns thicken in center
what is entasis derived from?
actual bowing of wooden columns of earlier Greek temples
In athens sculpture metopes depict battle between centaurs and Lapiths. Who were the Lapiths?
tribe of peace loving men
How were the centuars and Lapith's seen as?
Lapith's were triumph in bloody conflict as victory of civilization over barbarity.
Who did the centaurs represent for the Athenians?
Battle of the Lapiths and centaurs, metope from the Parthenon was made about what year?
440 B.C.
(blank) depiciting each a battle scene. Violent struggle becomes a dance as figure float across surface of (blank). Clash between (blank) and form become a balance and harmony term classic.
92 relief realism geometric
Three Goddesses, from the Parthenon, was made about what year and who were they based on?
435 B.C. Leto, Artemis, and Aphrodite,
Girl with Doves was made in what year and what did it the dove symbolized?
450 BC. love and constancy
Girl with Doves invoke the word stele. What does it mean from Greek?
"standing block" or "gravestone"
Girl with Doves was depicted as? What was the meaning of this depiction?
A young girl bidding farewell to her doves. Tender and sad as it expresses spirit and charm of a long-departed child.
In what ways was Greek pottery made?
Exploited material-iron-rich clay yielded an intense orange-red and deep black when fried.
Dionysys Cup was made when and signed by who?
550-525 B.C. Exekias
The Dionysys Cup is a footed (blank) with (blank) handles and wide (blank) suitable for (blank) (blank).
vessel 2 bowl aerating wine
The Dionysus Cup tells a story about what?
Dionysus was capture by pirates on his ship. He terrified them by flooding his ship with wine, causing a great vine to sprout from the mast and creating illusions of wild beasts. Pirates leapt from the ship into sea, transforming into dolphins.
It's painted how (Define the description of style)?
Black-figure style: black figure on reddish orange clay ground.
What color were womens faces if painted?
The style replaced by red figures set against black ground, which gives artists a chance to paint faces, bodies, and drapery with brush instead of incising happen about what year?
500 B.C.
The result is less décor but displays more complex images. It shows (blank).
composition and narration.
Euphronios was made about when and by who?
515 B.C. Krater
What was it about and theme?
Body of fallen warrior, Sarpedon, son of Zeus, is carried off from battle field by Sleep and death (twins) under Hermes supervison. Tragedy
What was the vase used for?
mixing wine and water.
What is the specific action of this scene?
Somber action is giving weight and bending winged figures who struggle to lift him.
According to Greek myth about the 1st sculptor, (blank) of (blank) fashioned a cow to disguise the wife of King Minos so a bull would copulate with her and bore the Minotaur.
Daedalus Crete
Kouros (blank) This life size figure of a (blank) (blank) reflects an increased knowledge of anatomy, gained from watching athletes and warriors they practiced. These were placed on pedestals outside temples as offereings or memorials on a gravesites (represented (blank)), slain by wild Ares in the front rank of battle."
540 B.C. male youth kroisos
The kouros was modeled after what other culture that made sculptures?
Egyptian sculptures
What was the Kouros convention and based on?
one foot placed before the other, arms at sides facing forward. Received knowledge rather than visual analysis.
Did women play a prominent role in ancient Greek society?
Peplos Kore (blank) Depicitng a (blank) or a member of a (blank), kore shows Eastern tradition through her dress. This indicates statue's origins among sculptors of eastern Greek center of (blank).
530 B.C. priestess religious cult Ionia
Peplos Kore has traces of (blank) that embellished her hair and dress, adding (blank) as well as life-like.
paint decorative
Where was the Peplos Kore found buried in?
About what year did the Greek sculptors experimented with bronze casting to produce large-scale figures.
530 B.C.
Kritios Boy (blank) Found on (blank). Sculptor (blank) created a figure that abandonded almost entirely the (blank) figure.
480 B.C. Acroplois Kritios Kourous
The major differneces between the Kritios and Kouros scuplutres are what?
Introduce anatomical realism, Freed of static code, Face shows reflex, body responds as a real body would to an extended leg
The Kritios Boy was the 1st beautiful nude in art that started what?
Greek classical age in sculpture
This change altered (blank) of Kouros and gave (blank) sculpture potential for fluidity and grace, which unifies into our own realm of experience.
symmetry figurative
About what year was the Roman copy of the Doryphrous of Polyclitus made?
440 B.C.
In the Roman copy of the Doryphrous of Polyclitus where Polyclitus was constructing his ideal man, he was probably inspired by (blank). He wrote a book on measurement and proportion, established thicker and more compact proportion for the ideal male than Riace warriors or equally famous others.
Pythagorean theories of mathematics
When was the Zeus (or Poseidon) sculputre made?
470 - 450 B.C.
Where was Zeus (or Poseidon) sculpture found?
Artemision coast.
What was Zeus (or Poseidon) sculpture about?
hurling his (lost) spear (or Poseidon throwing triton)
How is the Zeus (or Poseidon) sculpture portrayed?
Left arm streched out to balance backward motion of spear throwing. Looks at direction of his aim. Leg extended in preparation for the forward thrust needed to propel his weapon.
What theories are presented on the Zeus (or Poseidon) sculpture?
human proportions based on universal principles of mathematics, human anatomy and ideal proportions,
What does Zeus (or Poseidon) sculpture present to the viewer?
Express confidence in his aim and throwing distance.
The god, be he Zeus or Poseidon, stands as an quintessential (blank). Man and god become alike.
human athelete
Athletes generally known only to be virtue of actions, such as Discobolus (blank), were vigoroulsy competing spirit.
disc thrower
Between what dates did Sparta supplanted (took over) Athens during Peloponnesian War, but were not capable in leading Greece falling into corruption?
431 and 404 BC
The Greek polies absorb into what empire?
Imperial age began with Philip II of Macedonia and son Alexander the Great in what year?
338 B.C.
Alexander rule united Greek (blank) and expanded (blank) empire.
poleis Hellenistic
What dates were the Hellenistic period?
323-150 B.C.
Give the following dates in the blanks. Greek fell to Rome due to political decline (blank) Syracuse sacked, (blank) Corinth and Cartage fell, (blank) Athens lost to Roman General Sulla.
212 B.C. 146 B.C. 86 B.C.
(blank) (sculptor of Hellenistic era) nickednamed "the Madman" for always smashing his works from frustration.
When did the classical era end?
340 B.C.
About what year was Nike of Samothrace made and where was it found?
198 B.C. Samothrace
Why was the Nike of Samothrace made and what era did it belong to?
victory of Rhodians at sea over Antiochus III of Syria Hellenistic
How is Nike of Samothrace portrayed?
Wings spread, wind-swept, turing, moment when she landed with the cloth, still tugged by the breeze formed around her
What are the senses that are attributed in the Nike of Samothrace?
flesh, feathers, voluminous chition, sound of wings, flutter of robe.
When was the Laocoon Group made?
150 B.C.
What was the Laocoon Group about?
A Trojan priest who warned fellow Trojans not to bring the wooden horse into Troy. The gods sent 2 huge snakes who swam ashore and slowly entwined and killed Laocoon and his 2 sons so to thwart his actions.
What artist and era did the Laocoon Group generally influenced?
Michelangelo Renaissance
How is the Laocoon Group portrayed?
complex twist and turns of snakes intertwined with figures in violent physical exertion
When was Head of a Beber made?
350 B.C.
Where was Head of a Beber found?
Temple of Apollo at Cyrene
What is this an example of?
When did Alexzander the great died?
323 B.C.
When did Greek colonies flourished in the peninsula extended into Mediterranean Sea (south of Rome) then became part of Roman empire?
146 B.C.
Around what century was Rome the largest city in Italy (the ancient latin people ruled by Etruscan kings) ?
6th B.C.
Around what time did they overthrew the tyrant, who was the Etruscan tyrant, and what did they established?
509 B.C. Tarquin republic
When did Rome's republican period ended?
27 B.C.
What was the 1st Roman monument to extol Roman imperialism?
Ara Pacis
Whose workmanship did the Ara Pacis it grace?
Who was the emporer that was in power when the Ara Pacis was built?
People depicted solemnly stepping along the shallow (blank) of this altar wall were celebrants in actual procession that consecrated the ground on which the altar would stand on.
This took place on July 14 (blank) including (blank) , 1st Roman emperor, and his family.
13 B.C. Caesar Augustus
Built on edge of (blank) in Rome, altar dedicated to (blank) brought by Augustus's rule.
Field of War peace
(blank) remind Romans of virtue and efficacy.
Greeks studied man and his relation to the world, the Romans studied how to (blank) the world and how to run it (blank).
organize smoothly and efficiently
When did the Etruscans, whose territory once extended throughout central Italy, were at height of power and challenged Romans for power in Italy?
c.500 B.C.
(blank) were gifted metal smiths (Chimera of Arretium 5th to 4th B.C, exported throughout Mediterranean world).
(blank) , or (blank) (59 B.C. - A.D. 17) one of ancient Rome's influential historians provided factual account of Rome's early history even as he relied much of her mythology.
Titus Linius Lviy
(blank) (70 - 19 B.C) a poet did Aeneid (celebration of destiny in Rome). (blank) (43 B.C. to A.D. 18) poet did Metamorphoses (influence on Western imagery)
Virgil Ovid Pliny the Elder Pliny the Younger
About when were art treasure and artists from Tarentum, Syracuse, Corinth, and Pergamum were uprooted and transported to Rome?
272 and 133 B.C
About when did collecting became fashionable around time of Corinth's fall according to Pliny the Elder?
146. BC
About when was the Pont Du Gard built?
Late 1st B.C
The Pont Du Gard top level of this (blank) supported the conduit carrying water from Uzes to Nimes, France, a distance covering 13 miles.
triple-arched aqueduct
The Pont Du Gard Huge structure with its triple rows of (blank) carried on massive (blank) (uppermost rising 180 ft above valley floor), dominates surrounding countryside.
arches piers
When was the Baths of Caracalla built?
210 A.D.
the Baths of Caracalla had great (blank) were made of (blank) and (blank) and covered with (blank) and expensive (blank).
vaulted baths stone concrete terra-cotta marble
It had hot and cold baths, dressing rooms, furnace rooms, restaurants, libraries, and other chambers.
Why was the Baths of Caracalla one of Rome's major social centers?
When was the Coliseum in Rome built?
70-82 A.D.
Who said While the Coliseum stands, Rome shall stand; When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall, and when Rome falls the world.
Venerable Bede
Coliseum in Rome was a gigantic building, held about 50,000 people, often rowdy crowds, steeply (blank) seats offering an unobstructed viewing, large openings for entry and exit and easy access to seats.
Coliseum in Rome had a (blank) system equipped where the floor that could be flooded for sea battles; a huge cloth (blank), rigged by sailors stationed near the Coliseum for this purpose, as often extended to shade the seats.
tarpaulin hydraulic
In Coliseum in Rome where was the maze of rooms for athletes, animals and personnel who needed to shade sets?
Below ground level
When was the Maison Carree built and where is it located?
20 B.C Nimes, France
What were the temples, such as the Maison Carree, based on?
Greek prototype temples
The temples, such as the Maison Carrer were made Roman by high (blank), engaged (blank) set into the (blank) wall, and deep (blank).
base columns sanctuary porch
What dates was the Pantheon built?
118-125 A.D.
Although the Pantheon retains elements of (blank), it is a (blank) Roman temple type.
Greek temple circular
In later times, the Pantheon was a burial place for who?
Who was the emperor that rebuilt the Pantheon and its dedication to?
Emperor Hadrian 7 planetary deities
The Pantheon is huge in size (its height, 142 feet equal diameter of its (blanK))
The Pantheon's dome opens to the sky by an (blank)
In the Pantheon everything else is original except a giant (blank) with (blank) and (blank) as tribute to a Greek rectangular temple tradition.
porch columns pediments
Outside of Pantheon shows plain (blank) of its exterior display volume of space.
brick drums
(blank) was important to the Romans because of their strong sense of history and of their unique and important place in it. Immortality was often achieved by military deeds; prowess and victory in war frequently led to fame, wealth, and power.
When was Arch of Titus built?
AD 81
The story behind the Arch of Titus was?
Titus, son of Emperor Vespasian, captured and destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70.
In the (blank) from Arch of Titus: The Triumph of the Emperor Titus his victory made manifest by the figure of Rome, who leads the chariot, while a figure of Victory bestows the crown.
(blank) recounts the deeds of victorious both in words and images. It was probably erected shortly after emperor's death.
Triumphal arches
The Arch of Titus was broad and weighty in appearance, its (blank), (blank) and (blank) bespeak gravity, sobriety and power, all valued Roman ideas.
piers arch attic
2 (blank) shows 1 of Titus in a triumphal car drawn by 4 horses and other of treasure taken from temple when Jerusalem was captured by Titus & Vespasian in AD. 70.
(blank) prototype may have been temp (blank) that troops passed through as they enter Roman cities.
Triumphal arch arches
(blank) crowned with life size metal (blank) (victor riding chariot drawn by horses). The carved (blank) were placed on front and back of (blank), commemorative inscriptions (sometimes (blank) letters) on them as well. They were meant to attract attention to themselves and onlookers of greatness in Roman civilization.
Arches statue panels bronze arches
When was the Column of Trajan built?
113 A.D.
What did Column of Trajan commemorate?
Trajan's campaigns in Dacia
Originally the Column of Trajan (blank) were enlivened by (blank) and (blank), and the column was topped by a (blank) of emperor.
reliefs paint gilding statue
When was the Tomb of M. Vergiulus Euryasces and his wife built?
1st B.C.
Tomb of M. Vergiulus Euryasces and his wife was a wealthy (blank)to Roman state and armies and wished to be remembered by building his tomb in shape of an (blank).
baker oven.
In Tomb of M. Vergiulus Euryasces and his wife a (blank) depicting the making and selling of bread runs across the top of structure.
When was the arising from funerary customs, Roman portraits were intended to preserve exact likeness of the deceased?
3rd B.C.
When was Portrait statue of a Republican carrying 2 ancestor Busts (barberini statute) created?
1st CBE.
In Portrait statue of a Republican carrying 2 ancestor Busts (barberini statute), 3 generations of Romans are depicted in this sculpture which illustrates Roman practice of carrying (blank) of ancestors during funeral rites.
How were The presentation of faces based on such as portrait statue of a Republican carrying 2 ancestor Busts (barberini statute)?
family lineage, social rank, and personal history
Permanent and durable materials (blank), like the Portrait statue of a Republican carrying 2 ancestor Busts (barberini statute), it supplanted the early (blank) mask.
marble and stone wax
When was the Augustus of the Prima Porta created?
14-29 AD
How was Augustus of the Prima Porta shown in this portraiture and what did it symbolized?
general power and victory
In Augusuts of the Prima Porta, his (blank) probably depicts an actual event the submission of (blank) standards to Rome (20 BC).
breast plate Parthian
When was the Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius created?
176 AD
The equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius shows (blank) and (blank) character, (blank) ruler majestically addressing his troops. Scholars note that once-gilded horse formerly had a (blank) cowering under its upraised foreleg, figuratively describing Marcus's triumph over Rome's enemies.
calm introspective somber barbarian
Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius made a number of influence over the coming centuries. (blank)adopted the statue to glorify his Holy Roman Empire. In the 15th A.D (blank) and (blank) borrowed statue's forms in their monuments to mercenary soldiers Gattamelata and Colleoni. 16th (blank) moved it to the Piazza del Campidoglio Rome in the middle that was he specifically designed for it. Its authority impression was used by Medici dukes and many equestrians monuments made into 19th.
Charlemagne Donatello Verrocchio Michelangelo
When was Commodus as Hercules created?
192 AD
In Commodus as Hercules, the emperor Commodus himself saw himself as a gladiator. What 2 attributes from Hercules did this portrait show?
club and lion skin
Commodus as Hercules was represented as what?
In Commodus as Hercules, Commodus head is crowned by gaping mouth of a lion (Hercules' emblem). It's a figure of disturbing (blank) and (blank), whose presence is compelling by technical proficient of portrait (blank).
sensuality arrogance bust
In Commodus as Hercules, The deep (blank) of hair and beard, sharp (blank) of light and shade, and diverse textures was influence of Greek art for Romans that carried into the 2nd.
drilling undercutting
1st centuary B.C Boscoreale
When was Fresco from the Villa of P. Fannius Sinsistor made and where?
In Fresco from the Villa of P. Fannius Sinsistor, it depicts a young woman seated in a chair, playing the (blank)(a Greek lyre like instrument), while behind her a younger girl (perhaps her daughter) looks out shyly.
How are the shown in Fresco from the Villa of P. Fannius Sinsistor?
In Fresco from the Villa of P. Fannius Sinsistor (blank) brush marks set (blank) forms against a smooth screen of (blank); implies this image existed as an extension of room. Details (faces, hair, strings, inlay of chair) are laid in (blank) strokes of brush revealing a skilled painter that drew the figure ((blank) and (blank) in space).
broad solid red smaller form volume
When were sarcophagi, stone boxes designed to hold the deceased, had these pictorial conventions when interment prevailed over cremations began?
100 AD
When was Sarcophagus of a Roman General created?
190 AD
What did Sarcophagus of a Roman General depict?
A battle between Romans and barbarian
The battle carved on the Sarcophagus of a Roman General were meant to advertise the deceased's (blank) and (blank), triumph of not only Romans of their foes but also an allusion to soul's triumph over (blank).
death virtue prowess
Roman art had undergone a what fundamental transformation during the time that Sarcophagus of a Roman General was created? .
spatial ambiguity
An example of (blank) in Sarcophagus of a Roman General is imppossiblity to see exactly where or on what the fighting figures stand or move. The body is handled in a more schematic, less (blank) correct way, many figures clinging to the surface of sarcophagus form is a series of clashing (blank). The artist and patron's implication no longer obsessed with (blank).
spaital ambiguity atomically abstract patterns realism
Portrait statue, perhaps of Vincentius Ragonius Celsus as Late (blank).
4th century
In the portrait statue, perhaps of Vincentius Ragonius Celsus, the toga is divorced from (blank) that its folds turn into patterns covering body known to be beneath, but unseen.
In the portrait statue, perhaps of Vincentius Ragonius Celsus, the (blank) beard and (blank) hair frame a plaintive face filled with (blank) longing. Eyes look up to heavens which indicated the Romans brought in (blank).
patterned stylized spiritual Christianity.
About when did these events happened: Nero blamed Christians for great fire he may have started. Paul, Christian leader, beheaded. Decius made concerted effort to eradicate Christians but failed as one group of martyrs inspired next to become believers?
64 AD
Emperor Constantine issued an edict ordering full tolerance of all religions. This was the subsequent dominance of Christianity throughout Europe in what year?
313 AD
In what year did Ambrose, bishop of Milan, issued the decree that closed temples and banned pagan sacrifice and all household gods, making complete triumph of Christianity as Roman Empire collapsed?
392 AD
In waht year did Constantine had moved his capital to the East (Constantinople), while in the West, invading barbarians destroyed Roman unity?
330 AD
Europe's Dark Ages happen during what dates?
AD 500 to 900
The Lindaus Gospels was made when during what age?
870 AD Charlemagne
Who may have commissioned the front cover of Lindau gospel from what abbey?
Charles the Bald Saint-Denis
Christian artist went in the direction of a dematerialized, (blank) imagery.
What did the Front cover of the Lindaus Gospel portray?
Christ is shown alive and triumphant over death
In front cover of the Lindaus Gospels,the figures surrounding him- mourning (blank) above and weeping (blank) below do not move in any (blank) related to actual event of Crucifixion but float on (blank) surface, suspended from (blank).
angels humans space gilded reality
In the front cover of the Lindaus Gospels what were some of the important elements?
Design, subject matter
When Constantine's conversion to Christianity happen?
312 AD
When was Reconstruction of the basilica ULPIA (of the form of Trajan) created?
112 AD
In the reconstruction of the basilica ULPIA, the length of the monumental basilica was about 400 feet and its interior was demarcated by 2 levels of giant marble (blank) which supported a deeply (blank) roof. The building was an architectural metaphor for Roman civilization near the zenith of its power.
columns coffered
Roman basilicas were not standardized but were large (blank) halls with broad (blank) ending in (blank), flanked by (blank) aisles and covered with timber roof.
rectangular naves apses colonnaded
The construction of new churches were entered at opposite end of the (blank) from (blank), sometimes placed in an (blank). Major illumination was provided by windows in level (blank) (section of (blank) rising above (blank)).
nave altar apse clerestory wall aisles
What were the dates when Santa Sabia was constructed?
The church of Santa Sabina is one of the very few early Christian basilicas to retain much of its original appearance. The marching (blank), the large, luminous (blank), the (blank) windows, and (blank) roof were characteristic of churches built by the Early Christians. Large numerous worshippers could be comfortably housed in churches based on the basilican plan: crowds could look down the (blank) and (blank) of building and see sacred rituals performed.
columns apse clerestory timber nave aisles
Old Saint Peter's, built by (blank) but razed in 16th to make way for present church, had 4 (blank), a (blank) (the (blank) arm of church) with an apse, a large colonnaded (blank), whole may be placed on a high based that may have been a survivor of old Roman type.
Constantine aisles transept transverse atrium
Good Shepherd sarcophagus Late (blank). The Good Shepherd, a blend of (blank) and (blank) symbolism, was a popular image among the early Christian and appears on many sarcophagi and (blank) paintings.
4th. pagan Christian catacomb
How is the Good Shepherd sarcophagus portrayed?
youthful,protectore who carrys the helpless sheep on his shoulders
What does the Good Shepherd sarcophagus symbolize?
protection and compassion, image of Christ rebirth
The vines and cupids harvesting grapes of the Good Shepherd sarcophagus had long been associated with in ancient times as what and what do they now symbolize?
Bacchus Eucharist
What motif does the Good Shepherd sarcophagus, the hero Christ and allusion of rebirth in Eucharistic grapes suggest?
(blank), city on eastern coast of (blank) about 80 miles south of (blank) shows art transformed from Roman to Middle Ages.
Ravenna Italy Venice
After fall of (blank) in (blank), (blank) became capital of Roman empire.
Rome 410 Ravenna
Late (blank) (blank) became capital of (blank) kingdom under (blank).
5th Ravenna Ostrogothic Theodoric
After (blank) conquest (who ruled (blank) from the eastern Empire) the city transformed by art and military force into the center imperial authority.
Justina Constantinople
When was Sant' Apollinare Nuovo constructed and where?
504 Ravenna, Italy
Who commisioned the Sant' Apollinare Nuovo?
Theodoric the Great
The structure of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo is a classical (blank)type, with 2 side (blank) , a (blank)roof, and (blank).
roman basilica aisles wooden apse
(blank) depicted religious themes in the Ravenna as the Romans used it as decorations for their civic basilicas.
Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes was made when and where?
504 Sant' Apollinare Nuovo Ravenna Italy
What does Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes displayed?
Christ's dispensing loaves and fishes with his his attendants spaceless gold in background mystery of the miracle that had happened.
In Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes how is Christ dressed?
Royal purple crowned with halo
Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes is an example of how (blank) and precision of Roman art were replaced by an (blank), highly schematic vision.
realism abstract
(blank) (area off western Scotland secured from the world until Norse invasion) was a (blank) and (blank) where reading, writing, and copying went on.
Iona monastery scriptorium
About when was the Book of Kells made?
8th or 9th
The Book of Kells is described as (blank), intricate, and as animate as any portrayal of a natural action, this work epitomizes the attempt to make spiritual ideas concrete through (blank) means.
liner symbolic
In another part of Europe, from Barcelona to Hamburg and from Rome to Utrecht, a new empire ruled by (blank) ( (blank) (742- 814)) who tried to restore a Christianized Roman empire.
Charles the Great Charlemagne
When was it established and who crowned Charlemagne as emperor?
Pope Leo III Christmas Day AD 800
When was Charlemagne, Bronze statuette, made?
The idea behind Charlemagne, Bronze statuette was tha Charlemagne brought an (blank) of Theodoric back from Ravenna, also the (blank) derivation of this statuette is borrowed.
equestrian statue Roman
Charlemagne's seal carried the motto Renovatio Romani Imperii. What does it mean?
Restorer of the Roman Empire
The miniature size of Charlemagne's bronze reveals perhaps what?
Dwarfed sized of his empire
Charlemagne is best known for covers of Bibles, Gospels, and since he was credited with preserving antiquity his monks collected ancient texts of what was known. What was this period called?
Carolingian period
Crucifixion, Book cover was made when and during whose reign?
840 Louis the Pious
Where was the Crucifixion, Book cover produced?
at Metz
What was the Crucifixion, Book cover assembled with?
ivory carving, cloisonné, enamelware, jeweler's art
Who may have commissioned Crucifixion, Book cover and who was he?
Drego Archbishop at Metz
The Crucifixion, Book cover show the human figure reintroduce in art as a (blank) and (blank) manner. The use of (blank) and (blank) form to make pleasing configurations, and the Gospel covers do not interpret the figure but use it to propagate a preordained truth.
The Crucifixion, Book cover show the human figure reintroduce in art as a (blank) and (blank) manner. The use of (blank) and (blank) form to make pleasing configurations, and the Gospel covers do not interpret the figure but use it to propagate a preordained truth.
When was Christ in Majesty, from the Codex Aureus made?
What does Codex Aureus and what period was it produced?
golden Gospel Carolingian and Ottonian times
Who was Christ in Majesty, from the Codex Aureus made for?
Charles the Bald
How is Christ in Majesty, from the Codex Aureus shown?
saints surrounded Christ in a mandorla.
What is a mandorla?
an aura of light and color
In Christ in Majesty, from the Codex Aureus is an arrangement of pattern and color: (blank), (blank) and (blank), play a rhythm of images and symbols, isolating yet unifying each of the parts. Four Gospels are represented by their authors who look to Christ for guidance and each evangelist is represented by his symbol the (blank) for St Mark, (blank) for St Luke, (blank) for St John, the (blank) for St Matthew.
green red blue lion ox eagle winged man
When was Sainte-Foy, Reliquary Statue, made?
This reliquary statue of Sainte-Foy, whose bones were stolen from the south of (blank) by a (blank) monk in the 9th, was among the major attractions at the (blank). Like other reliquaries, it as an exercise in the (blank) craft rather than a work of sculpture.
France Benedictine Abby of Conques goldsmith's
The story behind the Sainte-Foy, Reliquary Statue, was Saint Faith, a young Roman girl who had been martyred for refusing to worship pagan idols. The irony here is Sainte-Foy's remains was made into a (blank) composed of pieces taken from various sources. The Face probably made from (blank) of a late Roman Emperor, jewel-encrusted body has engraved Roman (blank), and the (blank) derives from a late Roman emperor.
golden idol golden mask gems posture
Looking at the Sainte-Foy, Reliquary Statute unknowingly that it holds the (blank)of a little girl who became a saint for her faith, the maker's were not commemorating her as human but transform her into an (blank).
severed head icon
Reliquary makers all over Europe encased (blank) of saints' bodies (tongues, fingers, bones, and hair) in (blank) for preservation.
fragments containers
What was the year that Charlemagne died?
Charlemagne's empire passed on to his sons, and lasted until (blank)as it fell apart from internal strife and external attack. A new, powerful ruling dynasty formed with (blank) , who was crowned King of (blank) in (blank) by the pope. The empire stretched from (blank) in northern Germany to (blank) in (blank). (blank) was powerful art center and occasionally reflection of antiquity.
10th Otto Lombardy 951 Hildesheim Lombardy Italy Hideshiem
When was Column of Bishop Bernward made?
Column of Bishop Bernward was originally executed where?
Abbey Chruch of Saint Michael
Column of Bishop Bernward was inspired by what?
Column of Bishop Bernward spiraling (blank) displayed events from Christ's life and culminated with a now lost (blank) at the very top. Spiraling along its surface are the (blank)scenes.
Crucifix reliefs Old and New Testament
Who commsioned the Column of Bishop Bernward?
Bernward of Hildesheim
Column of Bishop Bernward was used for what model?
Column of Trajan
How was Column of Bishop Bernward made?
cast by lost-wax process
Gero Crucific was made when?
What was the Gero Crucific function?
Who order the Gero Crucific to be made?
Archbishop Gero of Cologne
Gero Crucific shows a suffering, dying Christ, his outstretched arms pulled by his sagging weight, his knees turned as his body sways, and his head is sunken in death. This is a turning point: reemergence of (blank) in Western Art. The artist created bold expressive forms, such as the (blank) and (blank) treatment of hair and cloth.
monumental sculpture patterning abstract
When was the Pramonstratensian Church made?
The Pramonstratensian Church's weighty (blank), smooth brick wall surface, and luminosity ultimately depend on (blank) architecture, especially the (blank).
piers Roman basilica
Around (blank)AD, Basilica type (with (blanK), side (blank), and (blanK)) churches built with certain modifications. One characteristic was development of (blanK), either radiating from the (blank) or from the (blank) or from both.
1100 nave aisles aspe chapels apse transept
ABBEY of Conques was made when?
1050 - 1100
ABBEY of Conques was situated on a pilgrimage route that led from (blank) to (blank) in (blank).
Le Puy Santiago Campostela
The Abbey of Conques was the destination of many (blank) who came to worship the relics of (blank), which were used to perform a number of miracles.
pilgrims Sainte-Foy
Like the ABBEY of Conques, the churches were built as simple, unidirectional flow of space from the entrance on the (blank) end of the (blank)to the (blank) in the (blank) was now modified. The new churches slowed the movement through the (blank) by dividing and subdividing it into careful articulated compartments. Heavy (blank) and (blank)carrying ponderous around-headed (blank) marked square bays along the (blank) and (blanK). The weight and surface of the wall were stressed, and the individual unites of space and decoration had a new aesthetic and structural independence.
west basilica altar east nave piers columns arches nave transept
When was Durham Cathedral made and by who?
1100 Normas
What is especially note worthy in the Durham Cathedral?
rib vault, arcade below the aisle windows.
At first these churches had (blank) roofs, but they gave way to (blank). (blank), (blank), and (blank) provided a new unity and weight. The (blank) carried the articulation of individual bays from one side of the (blanK) to the other and thus further compartmentalized the churches.
timber stone vaults Barrel vaults groin vaults rib vaults rib vaults nave
When was Notre-Dame-La -Grande, built and where?
1150 Poitiers
What is significant of the Notre-Dame-La -Grande?
extensive sculptural decoration on the outside of a church
At Notre-Dame-La -Grande, Poitiers, the flattened pattern around the (blank) and upper (blank) emphasizes the massiveness of the architecture.
portal niches
When was Abbey church, Maria Laach, built?
This Benedictine abbey church in Maria Laach commisioned by (blank). This love of division, of segmentation, is also seen on the exteriors of the churches, which often are majestic in their size, weight, volume.
The monastery at Cluny followed Benedictine rule and became the order that was most powerful religious force in Western Christendom till middle of 12th was founded when?
AD 900
The Prophet Jeremiah was made when and where?
Saint-Pierre Cathedral 1130.
The Prophet Jeremiah is displayed as an elongated figure of Jeremiah, twist across the (blank) with an anguished energy.
When was this capital at the Deconsecrated Lluniac church, in Marssur-Allier made?
The sculptor of this capital at the Deconsecrated Lluniac church, in Marssur-Allier was particularly skilled in decoration of architectural form and (blank) shape. Here the charming, grotesque monsters complement and enhance the shape of (blank) but never mask its (blank) shape.
abstract capital functional
Who and When was the Last Judgement, Tympanum made and where?
Saint-Lazare Cathedral 1150 Gislebertus
Where else has Gislebertus works had been done?
abbey of Cluny church of Vezelay
In the Last Judgement, Tympanum, everything centers on the flattened, elongated, spectral figure of (blank) dispensing judgment. Around this frightening figure the tumult of Judgment Day unfolds. The souls of mankind appear in long register at (blank) of tympanum, where they are either welcomed into heaven at (blank), or damned to hell, at (blank).
Christ bottom left right
Flight into Egypt, Capital, Saint-Lazare Cathedral was made by who and when?
Gislebertus 1150
Reims Cathedral was made about what centuries?
Reims Cathedral belong to what era?
The (blank) of Reims Cathedral demonstrates how Gothic architects achieved a harmony of tall (blank), (blank), and (blank), all realized with a sense of litheness and grace that belies the massiveness of structure which they compose. Inside the cathedral, reality was transformed into a transcendent embrace of light streaming through curtains of (blanK) that seemed suspended from heaven. Within these gossamer walls, the cathedral affirmed the reality of God and man's place in His cosmos.
nave piers columns vaults stained glass
Western European cities flourished, increased manufacturing, expanded trade, and rise of universities between what years?
1100 and 1400
ABBEY Church of Saint-Denis was built around when and who sponsorded it?
1140-1144. French king.
Who did the famous act was to restore the ABBEY Church of Saint-Denis for he inaugurated the Gothic style of architecture?
Abbot Suger
Abbot Suger employed what to the ABBEY Church of Saint-Denis?
Pointed arches cross-ribbed vaults, tall windows filled what he called the"light of Divine essence."
Gothic style spread throughout Europe to what parts?
Italy, German, and England.
During the development of scholasticism, who said "There is no good use without art"?
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Chartres Cathedral was built when?
Chartres Cathedral is located 40 miles southwest of what city?
The Chartres Cathedral was a (blank) holy place. Later a grotto(blank) was built which had an image of the (blank).
pagan Virgin
The Chartres Cathedral recieved what in 870?
sancta camisia
What is a sancta camisia?
the holy dress that the Virgin wore while giving birth to her son
What happened to the Chartres Cathedral in 1020 and 1194?
a fire then it was reconstructed till another fire had it destroyed.
In the Chartres Cathedral fire of 1194, what was discovered in the rubble and what did it proved?
Virgin's dress holiness
The two towers of the west front of Chartres Cathedral are of different periods. The northern, on the left, was begun about (blank) but completed only in the (blank) with an upper level. The foundation of the more sober right tower, the southern, dates about (blank). By (blank) the aisles and nave were complete.
1135 16th 1145 1220
The Chartres Cathedral was dedicated as it was finished with donations from the French Royal family in what year?
The vaults of the Chartres Cathedral 120ft above the pavement as they rise on compound (blank) composed of (blank) and (blank) elements. The huge windows with radiant (blank)stained glass, and towering (blank) thrust uplift the soul. The compound pier, made up of bundled shafts and columns, breaks up the surface of the support and makes it look less massive. The (blank) gives power and emphasis to the upward movement of the walls. The (blank), which replaced the old, heavier groin or barrel vault, is more lightly and gracefully covers the church.
piers octagonal round rib vaults pointed arch rib vault
When was the North Rose Window of the Chartres Cathedral made?
North Rose Window of the Chartres Cathedral depicts many images of (blank), the (blank), and the saints, the windows at Chartres illustrate the (blanK), the work of the traders, (blank), and stories from both the (blank).
Christ Virgin Labors of the Months Virtues and Vices Old and new Testaments
When was Amiens Cathedral built?
When was Sainte-Chapelle built?
Who commisioned the construction of Sainte-Chapelle?
Louis IX
What relic does the Sainte-Chapelle have?
Christ's Crown of Thorns
Old Testament figures from the West Portal in the Chartres Cathedral was made when?
Old Testament figures from the West Portal, Chartres Cathedral is attached to a (blank) on the back. The figures are probably (blank) of the Old Testament. The figures' robes seem (blank) rather than (blank). The constant tension between figure and column, between the expression of the human body and face and the image's role as a sort of (blank), is part of the appeal of these beautiful wraiths.
column Kings and Queens incised carved caryatid
At the West Façade of Reims Cathedral is the Annunciation and Visitation. When was it made?
At the West Façade of Reims Cathedral the Visitation group was about what and when was it made?
the Virgin and Saint Elizabeth, rejoicing in each other's pregnancy, 1280.
At the West Façade of Reims Cathedral is the Annunciation. What was it about?
the angel and the Virgin.
At the West Façade of Reims Cathedral is the Annunciation and Visitation. Where would the sculptor get his ideas on creating these carvings?
Roman art based on toga-clad sculptors.
At the West Façade of Reims Cathedral is the Annunciation and Visitation. Which of them would be and example of the revival of realism since antiquity?
The Old Testament figures from the North Portal from Chartres Cathedral was made when?
Who are the Old Testament figures from the North Portal from Chartres Cathedral from left to right?
Melchizedek, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Samuel, and David.
What is an important significance dispaly of the Old Testament figures from the North Portal from Chartres Cathedral?
human image
When were Ekkehard and Uta made and where?
1246 Naumburg Cathedral
Who were Ekkehard and Uta?
Margrave Ekkehard von Wettin and his wife, the Marchioness Uta were 2 of the 10 founders of the Naumburg Cathedral in 1028
Where are they place Naumburg Cathedral?
west choir
Ekkehard and Uta has far less to do with portraiture than it does with symbolism. What was its purpose?
demonstrate the historical origins of Naumburg and its cathedral
A cult of the Virgin developed was developed when?
1200 and 1400
Why was the Virgin so popular?
chief intercessor between human beings and Christ, express the qualities of beauty, grace, fertility, warmth, motherhood, nurturing, and protectiveness, queen of heaven and earth
Late (blank) after invention of printing connoisseurs of books wanted these unique volumes, written and illustrated by scribes and painters of uncommon skill.
Jean Le Noir, The Adoration of the Magi, from the Hours of Jeanne De Navarre was made when?
Jean Le Noir, The Adoration of the Magi, from the Hours of Jeanne De Navarre was made for who?
Jeanne de Navarre, daughter of Louis X and Queen of Navarre
In Jean Le Noir, The Adoration of the Magi, from the Hours of Jeanne De Navarre, how is she shown?
kneeling in the margin decoration below the main scene.
How else is Jean Le Noir, The Adoration of the Magi, from the Hours of Jeanne De Navarre decorated?
forms of foliage little animals
In Jean Le Noir, The Adoration of the Magi, from the Hours of Jeanne De Navarre the (blank) of each of the (blank) is carefully held in check; deep (blank) recession, which would shatter the plane(blank) of the page, is stopped by a decorative (blank) that fills the background. The illuminators were interested in patterns that would complement the (blank) of the page and its text. Exquisite multicolored (blank) and meandering tendrils enclose the illustration and decorate the page with elegant (blank)forms.
space illuminations spatial pattern flatness borders 2-D
The Sibyl in the Siena Cathedral was made when and by who?
Giovanni Pisano 1290
Nicola's best-known achievement is a series of carved pulpits, including One for baptistery at (blank) and later 1 for (blank).
Pisa Siena Cathedral
When was Nicola Pisano, Adoration of the Magi (detail of Pulpit) made?
In Nicola's time an ancient Roman (blank) incorporated in the facade of Pisa Cathedral provided the models for the seated Virgin in his Adoration of the Magi. The connection between the goddess (blank) on the sarcophagus and Virgin of Nicola's pulpit was noted by Florentine biographer (blank) in 13th.
sarcophagus Phaedra Vasari
Nicola has given human (blank) various roles to play- from grotesque figure of "unbatized" humanity crouching at base of central column, to dignified magisterial figures of biblical character such as (blank) and (blank) and adoring kings to personifications of virtues, ideas, and history.
forms Mary Joseph
In Nicola, Pisano, Personification of Fortitude (Details of Pulpit) made in 1260, what was the influence for this carving?
An ancient Roman sarcophagus was reused as a tomb on it was the ancient hero Hercules who was modeled for the Christian virtue Fortitude.
In Nicola Pisano, Pulpit, Baptistery of Pisa Cathedral was made when?
What were the pulpits used for? What did Nicola Pisano added to these pulpits?
delivering sermons narrative relief panels and other figural decorations.
In Nicola Pisano, Pulpit, Baptistery of Pisa Cathedral what is supported by the base? What do they signify?
loins Resurrection
In Nicola Pisano, Pulpit, Baptistery of Pisa Cathedral there is a series of prophets and evangelist flank in personifications of virtues. What are they?
Temperance, Charity, Fortitude, Faith, John the Baptist.
Nicola and Giovanni Pisano added 2 sources for future artist. What were they?
antiquity and individual experience
Widespread revival of the pictorial arts happened when?
Who is Cimabue?
a Florentine painter one of the founders of the Florentine school influence on painting all over Tuscany in late 13th and early 14th
When did Cimabue painted the Crucifix and for what and where?
1290 Franciscan church of Santa Croce in Florence
Cimabue Crucifix demonstrates (blank) and (blank) unseen since Roman times. Christ is dead. His giant, ponderous, but beautifully articulated body hangs limp on the cross, all signs of life extinguished. This is an interpretation of a lifeless, hanging Christ which evokes pity and sorrow for the pain and sacrifice of Passion and crucifixion.
realism humanism
How does Cimabue Crucifix offer comfort and whose idea during this time did it came from? Christ had become more like the worshipers themselves, a human being who has lived and died, but who will be reborn.
St. Francis
Giotto rethought religious imagery. He turned old (blank)into stories that relate directly to observer and his world.
When was Giotto Ognissanti Madonna made?
Giotto Ognissanti Madonna was made in the Franciscan church of Santa Croce in Florence. How does he present Madonna and child?
The saints whose overlapping bodies creates layers of space within the space enclosing architecture of throne.
Giotto Ognissanti Madonna is not in symbolic space but how is it displayed?
in the world of observer and communicant
When was Giotto Arena Chapel in Padua and who commisioned it?
1305 Enrico Sconvergi
The decorative and narrative scheme for Giotto Arena Chapel chapel was to influence to chapel paintings in what?
Renaissance art.
When was Giotto, Lamentation of Christ made and where?
1305 Arena Chapel
Giotto's Lamentation of Christ is shown as Christ's body had been placed on the ground. Mary Magdalene at feet of Christ, is John the Evangelist flinging his arms in horror, Virgin desperately searching Christ's face for sign of life, and anonymous boulder like figures whose very inertia and weight somehow express depression and grief all add particular and subtle notes of sadness to this scene.Heaven and earth are in mourning as the shrieks of twisting, wailing angels mingle with the moans and sighs of Christ's followers. What literature would this be based on during this time and what type of painting is it?
Franciscan fresco.
Duccio Di Buoninsege, Maesta Altarpiece, Front was made when?
Where does Duccio's name appears on the painting?
at base of the Madonna's throne.
Duccio Di Buoninsege, Maesta Altarpiece, is shown as the front is (blank) and colors represent wealth and devotion of (blank) and her citizens. Painted are the (blank), rows of svelte angels and saints.
gold Siena Madonna
What artist perhaps influence Duccio Di Buoninsege, Maesta Altarpiece?
Who else did Duccio adopted this idea of the painting made during this time?
Saint Thomas Aquinas
What two artist demonstrate the work's of Duccio?
Simone Martini and Ambrogio Lorenzetti
When did Simone Martini made the Annuciation?
Who did the side panels of Simone Martini's the Annuciation?
Lippo Memmi
Simone Martini Annuciation shows the divine laurel-crowned messenger offers a branch to Mary, who, in human reaction, recoils with fear at apparition before her. Pulling up her robe to her cheek in a gesture of fear or modesty, the Virgin turns away, her body describing a series of graceful, languid arabesques, more contour and rhythm than volume and mass. What are 3 props adds to importance in this painting?
the lilies, branch and Holy Ghost.
In Simone Martini Annuciation what represents the Holy Ghost?
When was Ambrogio Lorenzetti Rapolano Madonna made?
Ambrogio Lorenzetti Rapolano Madonna shows a fundamentally human essay on love of mother and child for each other, pressing her cheek to her son's, the Madonna has a faraway, mournful look. What is the symbolism behind the Virgin's sadness? How is in someway realistic?
Christ will die on the cross. A sadness every mother feels, knowing that her child will someday part from her to begin a life of his own.
The bubonic plague (Black Death) spread from Messina in Sicily, moved through Italy, north to Paris, Flanders, England, and to Scotland and Ireland. What year did it happened?
Andrea Di Cione (called Orcagna), Strozzi Altarpiece was made when and where?
1354-57. Strozzi family chapel of Santa Maria Novella.
Who was Andrea Di Cione and where was he active?
A sculptor and painter Florence
What artist introduce a new realism?
Andrea Di Cione influenced by the spatially ambiguous style. What artist created this style?
Simone Martini
Who was considered the father of humanisim?
Francesco Petiarca
Florence had transformed (blank) and (blank) into Florentine possessions. Her cathedral, (blank), was being built, and the Florentine baptistery was project for decoration (it dates (blank)). 1st of 3 sets of bronze doors had been commissioned from the sculptor (blank). Signed in (blank) the doors recounted episodes from life of (blank), and the project was halted because of (blank). (blank) it was the merchants' guild that decided to revive its patronage.
Pisa Lucca Santa Maria del Fiore 1100-1150 Andrea Pisano 1330 John the Baptist Black Death 1401
who were the two finalist that made Sacrifice of Isaac for the 2 set of bronze doors and when?
Ghiberti Brunelleschi 1402
Who was the winner of the competion?
Donatello (b.1386) began his career around (blank) as an assistant to (blank) on the baptistery doors.
1403 Ghiberti
What artist said Ghiberti's massive bronze doors were worth to be gates of paradise?
When was Lorenzo Ghiberti Gates of Paradise made?
Donatello, Saint George was made when is considered what type of medium?
1415-7. monumental sculpture
Donatello, Saint George was made for who?
Armory's guild
According to legend, Saint George was a knight who had rescued a maiden from a dragon and converted her family to (blank) . (blank) shows him victorious in this monumental sculpture, his posture and expression displaying his (blank). Here Saint George transcends both his material and symbolic origins and becomes real.
Christianity Donatello courage
Santa Maria del Fiore was completed by 1400 except for what?
Who solved the problem of the cupola of the Duomo? What did he study?
Brunelleschi Pantheon
When did Brunelleschi submitted a model of the cupola?
Brunelleschi cupola of the Duomo consisted of 2 (blank), 1 inside the other. The smaller, inner shell was thicker and supported most of the weight; it was joined to the thinner, outer shell with common (blank). A stairway between the shells (where one can still walk) was used instead of (blank) for the workers.
shells ribbing scaffolding
When did Filippo Brunelleschi constructed the Old sacristy in San Lorenzo?
Who contributed to rebuilding of the main body of San Lorenzo and when?
Brunelleschi Cosimo de' Medici
Who is Masaccio?
a painter
When did Masaccio painted frescoes of the life of Saint Peter to the Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria del Carime, a working calls neighborhood?
When did Masaccio painted the Tribute Money?
What is the context of Masaccio Tribute Money?
Light, atmosphere, laws of perspective
In Masaccio Tribute Money the landscape is similar to what city?
When did Masaccio Saint Peter healing with his Shadow?
Masaccio Saint Peter healing with his Shadow displays fictive space through rational systems of illusion. What is the perspective?
linear and aerial
Fra Filippo Lippi did Coronation of the Virgin when?
Fra Angelico Descent from the Cross was made when?
In Fra Angelico Descent from the Cross Cosimo del Carmine is portrayed as who?
Saint Cosmas
When was Donatello's David made?
Donatello's David was made for who?
Cosimo de' Medici
Donatello's David became a monument for what city?
Who wrote the the history of florence in a modern sense?
Leonardo Bruni
When was Bernardo Rossellino Tomb of Leonardo Brui made?
In Bernardo Rossellino Tomb of Leonardo Brui, he is crowned by laurel leaves. What do they symbolized?
In Bernardo Rossellino Tomb of Leonardo Brui the lunette is reserved for what sacred emblem?
Madonna and child
Sandro Botticelli Young Man with a Medal was made when?
In Sandro Botticelli Young Man with a Medal, what did the medal depict?
Cosimo de' Medici
In Sandro Botticelli Young Man with a Medal, how is the face portrayted?
Piero Della Francesca, The Duke and duchess of Urbino in Umbria was made when?
In Piero Della Francesca, The Duke and duchess of Urbino in Umbria, what are the duke's and dutchess names and his position?
Federico de Montefeltro Battista general
When was Piero Della Francesca, Sigismondo Malatesta Adoring Saint Sigsmund Tempio Malatestiano was made?
In Piero Della Francesca, Sigismondo Malatesta Adoring Saint Sigsmund Tempio Malatestiano who shows the actual subject of power?
Sigismondo Malatesta
When was Donatello, Gattamelata made and where?
1445-53. Padua
Donatello, Gattamelata was an inspiration for what other artists?
Verrochio, Leonardo and Giovanni Bologna
Who commemorated Donatello, Gattamelata?
Earsmo da Narni
Donatello, Gattamelata was influenced by perhaps what other sculputre in antiquity?
Roman equestrian statue
Pius ascended to the papacy as Pope Pius II, who was a native of the town, changed the name of the town from Corisgeno to Pienza to honor himself and began rebuilding the town center to make it more modern and worthy of the great honor he bestowed on it. What year did these events start happen?
under the direction of an architect, probably the Florentine Bernardo Rossellino the buildings (a new and luminous cathedral, a town hall, a bishop's palace, and a large palazzo for the Piccolominis Pius's family, were built, all connected by their mutual access off the main piazza of the newly renamed city) of Pienza began to take shape. When did these events happened?
1459 and 1464
What was the Renaissance maxim?
man can do what he will
When were Piero Della Francesca, Invention of the True Cross and recognition of the True Cross made and where?
1452-57 church of San Francesco in the Tuscan town of Arezzo
When was Sandro Boticelli, Birth of Venus made?
When was Luca Signorelli, School of Pan made?
Luca Signorelli, School of Pan was made for who?
Lorenzo de Medici
Giovanni di Pablo's Beheading of Saint John the Baptist may have been an influence for what group of artists in the 20th?
Giovanni Bellini, Saint Francis in Ecstasy was made when?
Hans Memlinc, Shirne of Saint Ursula was made in?
Hans Memlinc, Shirne of Saint Ursula was produced for?
hospital of Saint John in the Flemish city of Bruges
When was the Limbourg Brothers, February, from Les Tres Riches Hours Du Due De Berry made?
the Limbourg Brothers were influenced by art in what cities?
Florence Siena.
Claus Sluter, Well of Moses was made when?
Who painted the figure of Claus Sluter, Well of Moses?
Jean Malouel
What does the scroll read on Moses left hand in Claus Sluter, Well of Moses?
The Children of Israel do not listen to me
Jan Van Eyck was probably influenced by what other artists?
The Limbourg brothers
When was Jan Van Eyek, Giovanni Arnolfini and his bride made?
What typ of medium did Jan Van Eyek used for Giovanni Arnolfini and his bride?
oil paint.
Jan Van Eyek is one of the earliest depictions of (blank) that diffused through the atmosphere and reflected and absorbed by various objects.
Jan Van Eyck, Man in a Red Turban was made in what year and what medium?
1433 mixture of oil and tempera paints
Rogier van der weyden was influenced by who?
Jan Van Eyek
What year was Roiger Van Der Weyden, Decent from the Cross made?
When was Rogier Van Der Weyden, Entombment made?
When was Hugo Van Der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece made?
What did Hugo Van Der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece contain?
portraits of Tommaso Portinari, his wife, and children.
What is a triptych?
a 3 panel alterpiece
What would the center panel of did Hugo Van Der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece display?
Adoration of the Shepherds
What was Hugo Van Der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece commishioned for?
church of Sant' Egidio in Florence.
In Hugo Van Der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece the lilies in the still-life symbolize the (blank); the light passing through the glass represents the (blank), the body of (blank), whose infant form is presented to the communicant above the (blank).
Virgin Eucharistic wafer Christ grain
Michael Pacher Saint WolfGang Altarpiece carved in (blank) was one of the altar painting made as the (blank), an elaborately carved wooden altarpiece, often with many (blank), which had fully round and (blank) images of saints and biblical scenes.
Schnialtar wings relief limewood
Michael Pacher Saint WolfGang Altarpiece was made where?
church of Saint Wolfgang on the Aberseen in Austria
Michael Pacher Saint WolfGang Altarpiece recreated as what other artists work?
Filippo Lippi depicted in Coronation of the Virgin
In Michael Pacher Saint WolfGang Altarpiece Who were the 2 human attendants?
St. Nicholas and St. Wolfgang
When was Bernt Notke, Saint George and the dragon made?
Bernt Notke, Saint George and the dragon was a commeroation of what?
victory of the Swedish army under the regent Sten Sture over the Danes
Bernt Notke, Saint George and the dragon combines what two art ideas?
equestrian statue with tomb sculpture
When was Tilmar Riemenschneider Altar Piece of the Assumption of Mary made?
Martin Schongauer, one of the earliest masters of the print, worked in a medium-engraving. What is a medium-engraving?
a copper plate was incised with a burin, then ink and pressed on paper
Martin Schongauer, Temptation of Saint Anthony was made in?
Saint Anthony is often credited with founding the what movement?
Martin Luther had nailed his 95 thesis to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, crystallizing the Reformation movement and setting the Reformers on a path that would end the church. What year did this event took place?
Albrecht Durer became the German counterpart to what famous artist?
Leonardo Da Vinci
When was Albrecht Durer, Willow mills on the Pegnitz made?
When was Albrecht Durer, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse made?
What medium was Albrecht Durer, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse made of?
What is a woodcut?
made by cutting away wood except for the lines upon which ink is to be rolled to register the image on paper
When was Albrecht Duere, Adam and Eve, made?
Albrecht Duere, Adam and Eve was reflect of what sculpture from antiquity?
Apollo Belvederve
What does the cat and other forest creatures symbolize in Albrecht Duere, Adam and Eve?
nature and consequences of the Fall
When was Albrecht Duere, Melancholia I made?
What was the point of Albrecht Duere, Melancholia I?
technical mastery was achievable, but artistic endeavors often led the artist to the unknown and the unreachable.
In Mathis Gothert Neithart (Matthias Grunewald) Crucifixion, from the Iseniheim Altarpiece was made when?
In Mathis Gothert Neithart (Matthias Grunewald) Crucifixion, from the Iseniheim Altarpiece waS commisioned for where?
Antonite Monastery at Isenheim
In Mathis Gothert Neithart (Matthias Grunewald) Crucifixion, St. John points to Christ and says, in words written behind him, "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30). What was the significance of this?
The crucifixion offers hope for salvation through Christ's sacrifice, but dwells on the mortal pain and physical degradation of the act on crucifixion.
When was Matthais Grunewald, Tempatation of Saint Anthony, made?
What was Matthais Grunewald, Tempatation of Saint Anthony based on?
an engraving by the print maker and painter Martin Schongauer.
In Matthais Grunewald, Tempatation of Saint Anthony, the monsters from Grunewald's strange imagination are the natural inhabitants of the dead and threatening bewitched landscape in which they exist. The bloated man dressed only in a hood in the painting's lower left corner is covered with huge, oozing sores, and writhers in pain. How was this viewed?
As sympathy and understanding by the Antonito brothers and their patients who prayed for healing.
Pieter Bueghel the Elder Hunters in the Snow was made when?
Who was Pieter Bueghel the Elder Hunters in the Snow painted for?
the banker Nicoals Jonghelinck of Antwerp
How should Pieter Bueghel the Elder Hunters in the Snow be viewed?
Seasons, weather, landscape, and vegetation affects the lives of people who live, work in and reap the bounty of the natural world.
When was Peter Brueghel The Elder Magpie on the Gallows made?
Peter Brueghel The Elder Magpie on the Gallows is based on what?
invasion of Brussels by the Spanish
Rusidael, Cuyp, and Konick, the great landscape painters of Holland and Flanders, as well as Brouer, van Ostade, Hals and Steen studied what artist?
Peter Brueghel
Age of Exploration and Expansion, Age of Reformation, Age of Scientific Rebirth, Golden Age, Age of the High Renaissance happened in what century?
The mentality of early Renaissance was abandoned happened in what year?
the sack of Rome happened when Charles V and his army invaded happened in what year?
Art in Italy entered the period of High Renaissance in what century?
Leonard Da Vinci drawing ability earned him an apprenticeship about (blank)with the Florentine painter, (blank).
1466 Andrea del Verrocchio
Leonardo Da Vinci Adoration of the Magi was made in what year?
Leonardo Da Vinci began shaping his figures from the outset as structures of (blank).
light and dark
Leonardo Da Vinci Adoration of the Magi was made for who?
monks of san Donato a Scopeto
Leonardo Da Vinci Adoration of the Magi displayed (blank) that lead nowhere and (blank) that rush off into infinity.
stairs horses
Leonardo Da Vinci Lady with the Ermine was made in?
Leonardo Da Vinci Lady with the Ermine theory on (blank) was that it should fall in front of the face nd the face should be placed before (blank) ground so it would acquire volume through (blank).
light dark contrast
Leonardo Da Vinci Lady with the Ermine, the Ermine was a symbolize what?
Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper was made in and where?
1495-98 Milan.
Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper was made for?
friars of Santa Maria delle Garazie.
Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper treated the apostles as consolidating them into groups of?
Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper had Judas cast in what?
(blank) studied the Last Supper and it became the basis for his essay of figures in architecture: (blank). (blank) and (blank) borrowed from it in the 17th, (blank) 19th.
Rapahel School of Athens Rubens Rembrandt Ingres
Leonardo's art grew out of (blank), (blank), (blank) and (blank).
Simone Martini Ghiberti Fra Angelico Verrocchio
Michelangelo grew out of the monumental figure that trace back to (blank), (blank), and (blank).
Giotto Masaccio Donatello
Michelangelo Buonarroti became an apprentice to Domenico Ghirlandaio, but his gift brought him to the attention of Lorenzo the Magnificent, who invited the youth to study the ancient works in his sculpture garden. What year did he became an apprentice?
Michelangelo Buonarroti Pieta was made when?
Michelangelo Buonarroti David was made when?
Where was Michelangelo Buonarroti David placed?
palazzo Vecchio
Michelangelo Buonarroti David was an influence on what artist?
Benveuto Cellini
Michelangelo Buonarroti Sistine Chapel Ceiling was made when?
Michelangelo Buonarroti Sistine Chapel Ceiling has over 300 figures, 9 scenes from (blank), 12 prophets and sibyls, and numerous nudes.
Michelangelo Buonarroti Creation of Man in the Sistine Chapel Ceiling expresses, though tracing the fall of man from (blank), the ceiling in fact celebrates the rise of man, whose beauty and perfection are gifts of God. The figure representing God recalls the great (blank) of antiquity.
Genesis Daedalus
Michelangelo Buonarroti was heir of Florentine (blank) and its belief in the inherent-dignity of man.
Michelangelo Buonarroti Last Judgement was made when?
Michelangelo Buonarroti Last Judgement was about what?
pessimistic view of humanity.
Raphael Santi joined a workshop of (blank), an Umbrian painter of (blank) and sun-filled landscape.
Perugino Madonna
Raphael Santi borrowed from art concepts from what artists?
Perugino, Leonard and Michelangelo
Raphael Santi Deposition of Christ was made when?
Raphael Santi Deposition of Christ was commissioned for who and where?
church of San Francesco al Prato at Perugia by Atlaenta Baglioni
Raphael Santi Deposition of Christ has adpoted motifs from what artists?
Leonardo and Michelangelo
Raphael Santi School of Athens was made when?
Raphael Santi School of Athens is facing what fresco?
Raphael Santi School of Athens is located where?
Stanza della Segnatura
Raphael Santi School of Athens had its architecture helped by who?
Donato Bramante
Donato Bramante Tempietto (San pietro in Montorio) was made what year?
Donato Bramante Tempietto (San pietro in Montorio) has (blank) columns and other antique forms in the service of a Christian building. A row of (blank) set on a circular base surrounds the dome covered sanctuary enshrining the spot where Saint Peter was martyred.
Doric columns
Venetian artist endowed traditional types and subjects with new meaning while redefining and expanding the nature and scope of painting itself from (blank) (1430 to 1516) to (blank) (1528-1588).
Giovanni Bellini Paolo Veroneso
Tiziano Vecellio began his career with an apprenticeship to (blank), an artist and was followed by study with (blank)(c. 1478-1510).
Giovanni Bellini Giorgione
Tiziano Vecellio Pesaro Alterpiece was made when and where?
1519-26 Church of the Frari in Venice
In the Church of the Frari in Venice what is the 1st if the 2nd was Pesaro Alterpiece?
Assumption of Mary
In Tiziano Vecellio Pesaro Alterpiece how is Bishop Jacop Persaro depicted?
kneeling before St. Peter and the Virgin Mary
In Tiziano Vecellio Pesaro Alterpiece, behind Pesaro a warrior saint guards the bishop's infidel captive while, to the right, other members of the Pesaro family, accompanied by (blank) and (blank), kneel in adoration. The Virgin, saints, and donors are at a (blank), and viewer's glance rushes into space along the stairs, the Madonna's throne and huge columns.
St Anthony St Francis diagonal
In Tiziano Vecellio Pesaro Alterpiece, the (blank)movement combines with the upward motion of columns towering above the clouds to imply a vast extension of space. Titian also welded the forms together with a single (blank) source, which creates broad areas of highlight and shadow (blanK). This theme set the inspiration for a new style called the (blank).
spatial light Baroque
When was Tiziano Vecellio Doge Andre Gritti made?
When was Tiziano Vecellio, Bacchanalia at Andros made?
Who commissoned Tiziano Vecellio, Bacchanaliaat Andros?
Alfonso De Este, dukes of Ferrara
Tiziano Vecellio Venus of Urbino was made when?
Jacopo Robusti or Tintoretto Removal of the Body of Saint Mark was made when and where?
1562 Scuola Grande Di san Marco.
Who commishoned Jacopo Robusti or Tintoretto Removal of the Body of Saint Mark?
Tommaso Rangone
Jacopo Robusti or Tintoretto Removal of the Body of Saint Mark follows whose style?
Jacopo Robusti or Tintoretto painting's shaped what style?
Paolo Veronese, Apotheosis of Venice, was made when?
In Paolo Veronese, Apotheosis of Venice, the allegorical figure of Venice, seen as a beautifully dress woman crowned by (blank) , ascends to heaven on a cloud bank surrounded by the (blank) and adored by her subjects.
Victory Virtues
17th became the age of royal portrait and of (blank).
pictorial allegory
Michelangelo Merisi Di Caravaggio The Calling of Saint Matthew was made when and where?
1599-1600 San Luigi del Francesi
Who may have helped commisioned Michelangelo Merisi Di Caravaggio The Calling of Saint Matthew?
Cardinal Del Monte
Michelangelo Merisi Di Caravaggio painted The Calling of Saint Matthew and (blank)for the Contarelli Chapel of San Luigi de Francesi.
The Martydom of Saint Matthew
In Michelangelo Merisi Di Caravaggio The Calling of Saint Matthew, the divine hand (last seen in the (blank) by Michelangelo) bathed in light transforms reality into a miracle.
Creation of Adam
Michelangelo Merisi Di Caravaggio Entombment was made when and where?
1603-4 Pinacoteca Viticana
In Michelangelo Merisi Di Caravaggio Entombment where did he borrow the motifs from two famous works?
Michelangelo's Pieta and Raphael's Entombment.
Caravaggio's followers manipulated reality or affect the emotions of the viewer, but the dramatic contrasts of light and dark, ordinary settings and characters, and (blank) themes trace their origins to Caravaggio, where influence was sufficiently broad as to earn the name (blank).
violent Cravaggism
Gianlorenzo Bernini David was made when?
Gianlorenzo Bernini David is what version from antiquity?
Michelangelo's David had been presented as?
Gianlorenzo Bernini David is not displayed for meditation but as?
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa was made when and where?
1645-52 Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria Della Vittoria,
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa follows the text of Teresa's own account of her (blank) quite literally, was an attempt to inspire (blank).
vision spirituality
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa main particular emphasis was? be specific on this term?
"transverberation" the piercing of her heart by divine lore.
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Louis XIV, was made when and where?
1664 Versalles
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Baldachino, Saint Peter was made when and where?
1624-33 Rome
What is a baldachino?
functioned as a canopy to cover and mark a sacred spot
In Gianlorenzo Bernini, Baldachino, Saint Peter the bronze bees signify who?
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Sant' Andrea Alquirinale was built when?
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Sant' Andrea Alquirinale was built for who?
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Saint Peter's Piazza when was it begun?
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Saint Peter's Piazza walls was somewhat similar to what other building?
Sant' Andrea al Quirinale
Rubens was influenced by what artists and art?
Titian Michelangelo Roman
Rubens did a cycle of 21 oil paintings for Queen Mother of France, (blank), a member of the wealthy and famous Florentine family.
Marie de' Medici
Peter Paul Rubens, Presentation of the Portrait of Marie de' Medici to Henry IV was made when?
In Peter Paul Rubens, Presentation of the Portrait of Marie de' Medici, his draftsmanship and his study and total comprehension of Titian, (blank), and Michelangelo are apparent in the magnificent figures of Jupiter and Juno.
Peter Paul Rubens, Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundelo was made what year?
Anthony Van Dyck was (blank)'s pupil.
Peter Paul Rubens
Anthony Van Dyck, Charles I on Horseback was made in?
Anthony Van Dyck combine his art with another artist work and his form?
Roman form in Titain's work
Diego Velazquez influenced what other artists in later centuries?
Manet Picasso
Diego Velazquez, Philip IV on Horseback was made when?
Diego Velazquez, Philip IV on Horseback was painted where?
Hall of Realms, in the Buen Retiro palace
Diego Velazquez, Philip IV on Horseback was the thinking by what artist?
Diego Velazquez, Surrender of Breda was made when?
What did Diego Velazquez, Surrender of Breda commemorate?
Spanish victory over the Dutch
Diegao Velazquez adopted the grandiose language of history painting, as it had been established by (blank) in the Vatican Stanze.
Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas was made in?
Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas may have been influenced by what other artist?
Van Eyck
What is genre in art?
scenes of daily life
What century was the Golden Age of Dutch painting?
What is genre painting?
Portraits, landscapes stilllifes, interiors, town views, seascapes, and scenes of daily life
When was Pieter Jansz Sanenredam Old Town Hall of Amsterdam made?
Who commissioned and to commemorate what in the painting of Pieter Jansz Sanenredam Old Town Hall of Amsterdam?
city of Amsterdam its old seat of government.
When was Saenredam. Interior of the church of Saint Odulphus, Assendelft, made?
In Saenredam. Interior of the church of Saint Odulphus, Assendelft, the old (blank) church there was stripped of its altarpiece and decorations during the Reformation. Its tombs remained and Saenredam faithfully transcribe the tomb slab (in the foreground) that holds his father's remains, as well as larger tomb that is the burial place of the lords of the city.
Jan Vermeer Young Woman with water jug was made when?
Pieter de Hooch Courtyard of a House in Delft was made when?
Gerard Ter Borch Musical Company was made when?
Gerard Ter Borch Musical Company reflects a style called?
fine painting
Jan Steen The way you hear it is the way you sing it was made when?
What is a still life?
various objects are assembled and portraying emblems of vanity and momentrines of this world
What is a Pronk still life?
portrayed magnificent and expensive imported objects such as Chinese porcelain and Venetian glass
When was Willem Kalf Still Life made?
When was Jacob van Ruisdael Distant view of Haarlem made?
When was Jacob van Ruisdael Wheatfields made?
Jacob van Ruisdael paintings influenced 19th English painters, including (blank) and (blank).
Constable Turner
When was Albert Cuyp View of Nijmegen made?
When was Frans Hals Banquet of the Officers of the Saint George Militia Company made and where?
1616 Haarlem
When was Frans Hals Laughing Cavalier made?
Frans Hals Laughing Cavalier anticipated the loose and painterly quality of the oiled medium later rendered by (blank) and (blank).
Velazquez Rembrant
When was Frans Hals Regentesse of the Old Men's Almshouse made and where?
1664 Haarlem
Rembrandt van Rijn Self-Portrait was made when?
Rembrandt van Rijn Self-Portrait in 1640 may have been influenced by what painting and by who?
Titian the Man with the Blue Sleeve
Rembrandt's earliest narrative painting was influenced by the work of (blank)and his Northern followers.
Rembrandt van Rijn Christ and the woman taken in adultery was made when?
Rembrandt van Rijn Slaughtered Ox was made when?
Rembrandt van Rijn made later Self-portrait sometime during the 1650's. What was the exact year?
Rembrandt van Rijn Self-portrait in 1658 may have been based on what model?
Rembrandt van Rijn Return of the Prodigal Son was made when?
Rembrandt van Rijn Jewish Bride was made when?
In the art of the 18th excvations at Pompeii and Herculaneum in 1738 and 1748 established the discipline of archaeology and inspired a (blank)that eventually affected everything from fashion to furniture styles.
classical revival
In the art of the 18th, the language, manners, customs, and styles of France increasingly shaped the rest of Europe. The (blank)- the frothy antithesis of the sober precepts of the classicists- was born.
The (blank) was an institution established in the previous century. In 1737 they held history paintings (pictures of historical, biblical, or mythological narratives) that began to stage annual (blank), or exhibitions, open to the public. These Salons spawned the careers of professional art critics, who offered opinions, evaluations, and interpretations for the art-going public.
French Royal Academy Salons
Jean-Antoine Watteau gain membership into the French Academy, with what painting and when was it made?
Pilgrims leaving the Island of Cythera 1717
In Jean-Antoine Watteau Pilgrims leaving the Island of Cythera is an oil painting exemplified by the (blank) of the 16th and by (blank) and (blank).
Venetians Rubens Van Dyck
Jean-Antoine Watteau Pierrot was made when?
Francois Boucher was a follower of what artist?
Jean-Antoine Watteau.
Francois Boucher paintings were derived from who?
Venetians Rubens
Francois Boucher Jupiter in the Guise of Diana Seducing Callisto was made when?
In Francois Boucher Jupiter in the Guise of Diana Seducing Callisto, where does this them come from and what group of artists popularized it in what century?
Ovid Venetians 16th
Jean-Honore Fragonard The Swing was made when?
Who commissioned Jean-Honore Fragonard The Swing?
Baron de Saint-Julien
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin Still Life was made when?
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin Still Life realness was a healthy antidote to the dreamy ephemera of (blank) and (blank).
Fragonard Boucher
Chardin was a master at conveying the tactility of objects- their hardness or softness, temperature, and weight. He shared this ability with his great Northern predecessors (blank) and (blank).
Jan Vermeer Jan Van Eyck
Gabriel-Germain Boffarnd Salon of the Princess, Hotel de Soubise was made when and where?
1735 Paris
Gabriel-Germain Boffarnd Salon of the Princess, Hotel de Soubise had paintings by what who and what were they about?
Charles-Joseph Natoire Cupid and Psyche
The paintings in Gabriel-Germain Boffarnd Salon of the Princess, Hotel de Soubise is related to what other painting done by Watteau?
Pilgrims Leaving the Island of Cythera
Balthasar Neumam, Vierzehnheiligen was made when and where?
1743-72 Oberfranken Germany
Balthasar Neumann, one of the principal German architects of the 18th, also designed the Residenz at Wurzburg, where (blank) painted a fresco masterpiece.
William Hogarth "Rakewell Takes Possession," from the series The Rake's progress was made when?
William Hogarth "Rakewell Takes Possession," from the series The Rake's progress used what type of medium?
Sir Joshua Reynolds was influenced by what other artists?
Van Dyck Michelangelo Raphael Venetians of 16th
William Hogarth Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse was made when?
In William Hogarth Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse, a famous actress is shown as the muse of tragedy, surrounded by various figure and attributes, such as (blank) and (blank), which comment on and amplify the theme of (blank).
Pity Terror tragedy
In William Hogarth Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse, her pose recalls Michelangelo's great (blank) and (blank) on the Sistine ceiling, whereas the rich painterly and atmospheric quality derives from (blank) and (blank).
sibyls prophets Rembrandt Venetians
Patrons of the rich and gentry who considered a tour of the European continent a necessary part of every gentlemen's education. What is this term?
Grand Tour.
Antonio Canal or Canaletto The Bucintoro at the Molo on Ascension Day was made when?
Domenico Tiepolo made portrayls of what famous theater comic in his time?
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Apollo Bringing the Bride, ceiling of the Kaiseraal, Residenz, Wurzburg was made when?
Giovanni Battista Piranesi largest study of antiquities is what and completed when?
4th volume Antichita Romane 1756
Giovanni Battista Piranesi. "The Coliseum" was made when?
In France, the (blank)style emerged with particular power in the hands of Jacques-Louis David.
Jacques-Louis David Oath of the Horatii was made when?
The late 18th caused a revival of interest in the (blank).
Who commissioned Jacques-Louis David Oath of the Horatii?
Louis XVI
Jacques-Louis David Death of Marat was made when?
David's inspiration for the Death of Marat was not ancient models but (blank)'s pietas and 's realistic portrayals of martyrdoms, a famous icon of the revolution and (blank).
Titian Caravaggio Neoclassicism
Antonio Canova was particularly inspired by the (blank) antiquates newly found in the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
Antonio Canova Cupid and Psyche was made when?
18th Neoclassicalism valued the (blank) over the physical.
Karl Langhans, Brandenburg Gate, was made when and where?
Berlin 1788-91
Karl Langhans Brandenburg Gate was an inspiration by the famous building of the ancient world, the (Blank) on the Athenian Acropolis.
Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, Charlottesville Virgina was made when?
Thomas Jefferson was especially influenced by (blank) (1508-1580), an architect whose books and building had been restudied earlier in the 18th, especially in England.
Andrea Palladio
What early architecture inspired Thomas Jefferson Moticello?
In art as emotion: The 1st half of the 19th, (blank), though as loose and imprecise terms, reflects the movement of writers, musicians, painters, sculptors away from nationalism toward the more subjective side of human experience. Feeling became both the subject and object of art and finding expression among artist in France, Spain, and Germany as well as England.
Franciso Jose de Goya y Lucientes Conjuration was made when?
Franciso Jose de Goya y Lucientes The Third of May, 1808, was made when?
Franciso Jose de Goya y Lucientes influenced later artist French romantic such as (blank) and (blank).
Delacroix Gericault
Theodre Gericault studied with artist but influenced by Baron (blank), a painter, who studied with David and was a link between David and new generation of French painters of the early 19th.
Jean-Antoine Gross
Theodre Gericault, Decapitated Heads was made when?
Gericault found the irrational compelling by mad men and women. Gericault studied the faces of those actually insane (disturbed and frightening creatures). These images explore various forms of madness as some of them reminiscent of portraits by the mature artist (blank).
Theodre Gericault Portrait of a Child Murderer was made when?
Theodre Gericault The Raft of the Medusa was made when?
For composition and for poses of men and women shown in The Raft of the Medusa, Theodre Gericault looked at past art (from (blank) and (blank) whose influence is strong in the figure types and gestures).
Michelangelo Raphael
What artist influenced Eugene Delacroix?
Theodre Gericault
Delacroix studied briefly with the academic painter (blank), who had also taught Gericault, but Delacroix had little interest with systematic method and classicizing subjects (blank) propounded.
Pierre-Narcissse Guerin Guerin
Delacroix was interested in the directions taken by (blank), (blank), and (blank). He was self-taught from looking at works from (blank), (blank), and (blank) in the Louvre, and he made observation about his art in his journal.
Goya Gros Gericault Michelangelo Rubens Titian
Eugene Delacroix Death of the Sardanapalus was made when?
Under (blank) influence, Eugene Delacroix Death of the Sardanapalus created a wild scene of writhing struggle and death. (blank) made by Thepodre Gericault in 1819 is a reminiscence picture of the visual excitement and power.
Rubens The Raft of Medusa
Eugene Delacroix Women of Algiers was made when?
Eugene Delacroix Women of Algiers was to have great influence on the (blank), who found, especially in this palette and its depiction of textures, a source of inspiration.
Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres Napolean I on the Imperial Throne was made when?
To help with creation of Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres Napolean I on the Imperial Throne, he studied (blank) art, (blank) ivories depicting emperors, and perhaps medieval manuscripts.
Roman Byzantine
Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres Charles Francois Mallet, Rome, was made when?
Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres Madame Moitessier was made when?
Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres Madame Moitessier pose was derived from a painting of a goddess that had been unearthed from the ruins of (blank)
Ingres studied the works of (blank) and his contemporaries. Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres Madame Moitessier recalls a (blank) portrait.
Raphael Renaissance
Caspar David Abby Under Oak Trees was made when?
Caspar David Man and Woman Gazing at the Moon was made when?
In Caspar David Man and Woman Gazing at the Moon, a quiet, meditative melancholy and the object of the couple's gaze- the moon -became a popular themes not only in painting but in the poetry and music of the period. In particular, (blank) and have connections with Friedrich's paintings.
Schubert Goethe
John Mallord William Turner's work can be called (blank)
landscape and John Constable
anticipated the concerns of the (blank).
Romantic Impressionists
John Mallord William Turner The Fighting Temeraire was made when?
John Mallord William Turner Rain, Steam, and Speed- The Great Western Railway was made when?
John Mallord William Turner employed the visual devices of the past, particularly the exaggerated perspective of (blank) and the scum bled, molten paint surface developed by (blank), he looked toward the future.
Tintoretto Titian
John Constable views of nature followed the traditions of Dutch masters such as (blank) and (blank).
Ruisdael Cuyp
John Constable Study of Clouds at Hampstead was made when?
John Constable Dedham Lock and Mill was made when?
John Constable The Hey Wain was made when?
John Constable also experimented with different techniques, such as stippling the canvas with white flecks to capture the effect of wet leaves and dew, or incorporating dots of red that would make the green of the vegetation stand out and register more prominently. These attempts were an important inspiration to the later (blank).
John Constable Hadleigh Castle was made when?
(blank) (gone in and out of style at regular intervals) was joined with revivals of (blank) art, (blank) art, and art of the (blank). These revivals were important for architecture.
Classicism gothic Egyptian Renaissance
Charles Barry and A.W.N Pugin, The House of Parliamet was made when and where?
1840-60 London
F.J Ward, Albert Building, was made when and where?
1871 London
Saint Pancras Station (Interior) was made when and where?
1857-65 London
(blank) a group of French artist debated who would, a century later, be regarded as greatest painters of 2nd ½ of the 19th, they predicted on (Blank)(1825-1905) and (Blank) (1815-1891), celebrated exhibitors in Salon and laden with honors.
1890 Adolphe-William Bouruerau J.L.E Meissonies
1848 one of the earliest groups of French artists to work outside the Academy was Theodore Rousseau and Jean-Francois Millet. They abandoned the Paris revolution for the (blank) near village of Barbizon. They were inspired by (Blank).
Forest of Fontainebleau Constable
Theodore Rousseau Under the Birches was made when?
Numerous painters, including Corot, Daubigny and Millet, painted at the Forest of Fontainebleau as well as earned him a reputation as a landscape painter among Delacroix and George Sand. This was a mingling of observation and artifact, a "portrait" of a place, a record of the individual characteristics of each tree. These influence the (blank) painters from 1860s on.
Theodore Rousseaut was shared by other painters of the Barbizon school, (blank) (1817-1878) and (blank) (1796-1875).
Francois Daugbigny Camille Corot
Jean-Francois Millet Sower was made when?
Gustave Courbet learned the rudiments of his profession from studying the works of (blank) in the Louvre.
Gustave Courbet Stonebreakers was made when?
Gustave Courbet coined the term to define his interest in the actual circumstances of his day. What was this term?
A trip to Italy in 1853 and Holland in 1856 exposed Edoward Manet to the same masters who had so profoundly interpreted realism in the past: (blank) (blank) and (blank).
Velazquez Titian Frans Hals
Edoward Manet Olympia was made when?
Edoward Manet Olympia is a reinterpretation of (blank).
Titian's Venus of Urbino
Alexander Cabanel Birth of Venus was made when?
Alexander Cabanel Birth of Venus was based on earlier versions of the theme to?
Botticelli's Birth of Venus
Edoward Manet Bar At the Folies-Bergere was made when?
The (blank) were a group of artist: Camille Pissarro (1830-1903), Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894), Mary Cassatt (1845-1926), Berthe Morisot (1841-1895) Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), Jean-Frederic Bazille (1841-1879), Claude Monet (1834-1917) and occasionally Edgar Degas (1834-1917) met regularly at small restaurants (Café Gerbois) discussing painting and stressed the need for recording momentary sensations on canvas, and the importance of spontaneity.
Claude Monet's childhood was spent in the port town of Le Havre and taken his early painting lessons there from the painter (blank)(1824-1898).
Eugene Boudin
The Impressionist (except for Manet) gathered together as the "Societe Anonyme des Artists Peintres, sculptures, and gravures." What year did this event happened?
Claude Monet, Impression: Sunrise was made when?
This gave the group's name, the Impressiontists, by the critic (blank) shortly after the exhibit.
Louis Leroy
Claude Monet, Field of Poppies was made when?
Claude Monet, Water Lilies was made when?
Pierre-Auguste Renoir Luncheon of the Boating Party was made when?
Edgar Degas interest in the figure may have developed with his academic training with (blank), a pupil of Ingres.
Louis Lamothe
During the 1850s Edgar Degas traveled to Italy to study Renaissance pieces, although (blank) himself remained a lifelong idol.
Edgar Degas La Repetition was made when?
Mary Cassatt was mentored by what artist?
Edgar Degas
Mary Cassatt Woman in Black at Opera was made when?
Mary Cassatt Woman in Black was inspired by (blank) and recently (blank), where gaudily colored images crated designs on a flat surface, Cassatt juxtaposed near and far, dark and light, large and small.
Degas imported Japanese prints
James Abbott McNeill Whistler studied with Gleyre, the academic painter who had taught a number of the Impressionists. Whistler befriended (blank), emulating his bohemian life-style.
James Abbott McNeill Nocturne in Black and Gold: The falling Rocket was made when?
James Abbott McNeill Nocturne in Black and Gold: The falling Rocket connected with works of what music composer?
Jean-Leon Gerome, Pygmalion and Galatea was made when?
Thomas Eakins, an american painter, was in Paris 1866 to 1869 where he saw works of Manet, Courbet, and other (blank). studied and Ribera understanding the human figure.
Realists Velazquez Rembrandt
Thomas Eakins The Gross Clinic was made when?
Thomas Eakins The Gross Clinic was based on what?
Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp
In 1886, the French people donated to America the Statue of Liberty, made by the sculptor (blank) (1834-1904).
Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi
Auguste Rodin inspired by the work of what two sculptors of the Old Masters?
Donatello and Michelangelo.
Auguste Rodin Balzac, Plaster Model was made when?
Paul Cézanne influence was the (blank) and exhibited with them in their 1st show in 1874.
Paul Cézanne Woman With Coffee Pot was made when?
Paul Cézanne Still life with Basket of Apples was made when?
Georges Seurat devised a system of painting called (blank) or divisionism (scientifically erroneous theory), in which dots of pure primary colors set side by side were supposed to mix in the viewer's eye.
Georges Seurat A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte was made when?
Vincent van Gogh was influenced by (blank), (blank), Herni de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) and Paul Gauguin.
Degas Seurat
Vincent van Gogh Night Café was made when?
Vincent van Gogh Self-Portrait with Bandaged Head was made when?
Vincent van Gogh Cornfield with Crows was made when?
Paul Gauguin was interested in (blank), (blank), and other non-Western arts.
medieval Japanese
Paul Gauguin The Yellow Christ was made when?
Paul Gauguin Spirit of the Dead watching was made when?
Gustav Klimt became president of (blank), an organization of younger artists who left the Academy and dedicated to elevating Austrian Art in the artistic communities.
Vienna Secession
Gustav Klimt Judith was made when?
Egon Schiele influenced by (blank)'s forms, symbolic content, and sexual themes.
Gustav Klimt
Egon Schiele Standing Female Nude with Corssed Arms was made when?
Edvard Munch absorbed style and vision of the French Impressionists, (blank) and (blank).
van Gogh Gauguin
Edvard Munch Puberty was made when?
Edvard Munch The Cry was made in?
Edvard Munch paintings inspired young local artist to split away from the existing society and form the (blank), which became a point of departure for later generation of artists soon to be known as (blank).
Berliner Secession German Expressionists
At Salon d' Automne (Autumn salon), a group of young painters including Matisse, Derain, and Vlaminck displayed paintings of colors, forms, and nonillusionistc imagery that they were called (blank) (the Wild Beasts).
Les Fauves
1905 Important to Herni Matisse were paintings of (blank) and (blank).
van Gogh Gauguin
Herni Matisse Portrait with Green Stripe was made when?
Herni Matisse Red Room was made when?
Andre Derain friendship with (blank) taught him to appreciate color, his exposure to African art, and inspired him to search for forms in his own art.
Herni Matisse
Andre Derain Effects of Sunlight on Water was made when?
Andre Derain followed in (blank)'s footsteps by painting views of the Thames in Effects of Sunlight, but his formal inspiration came from and Post-Impressionists.
Monet van Gogh
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was influenced early by Impressionists, (blank), and (blank).
Munch Cezanne
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso Self-Portrait was made when?
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso Les Demoiselles D'Avion was made when?
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso Les Demoiselles D'Avion first (blank) painting.
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso Les Demoiselles D'Avion inspiration was pre-Roman Iberian stone heads of his native Spain and by (blank) that were collected in Paris.
African masks
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso Girl with Madolin was made when?
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso Girl with Madolin and Les Demoiselles D'Avion were ridicule by critics and given the term Cubism. Why did the critics gave it this term?
derived from a cube like arrangement of small planes
905 the Fauves were exhibiting in Paris, a group of artist in Germany, Ernst Ludwing Krichner (1880-1938), Paula Meder-Sohn-Becker (1876-1907) and Erich Heckel (1883-1970); formed a group called (blank) (the Bridge) in Dresdan.
Die Brucke
The Die Brucke were the early German Expressionists. What does German Expressionists mean?
the human condition conveyed through evocative and emotional themes.
Ernest Ludwig Kirchner. Berlin Street Scene was made when?
Ernest Ludwig Kirchner. Berlin Street Scene is a connection what famous work in history?
Gislebertus's Last Judgement.
Emil Node Masks, was made when?
Nolde's belief in cultural renewal through (blank) inspired his interest in African masks and prompted a trip to the South Seas in 1913 and 1914.
(Blank) (the Blue Rider) active in Munichbetween 1912 and 1916. What is the group called in German?
Der Blaue Reiter
Wassily Kandinsky was influenced by (blank), van Gogh, and (blank) art.
Gauguin folk
Wassily Kandinsky published a book in 1902 called (blank) On the Spiritual in Art, he argued in order to speak directly to the soul one needs to avoid materialistic distractions.
On the Spiritual in Art
Wassily Kandinsky Composition VII (No.2) was made when?
Wassily Kandinsky paintings anticipate what movement in America?
American Abstract Expressionists.
Umberto Boccioni was inspired by Marinetti's Manifesto of Futurist Painters, (blank) published in 1909.
Manifesto of Futurist Painters
Umberto Boccioni Unique Forms of Continuity in Space was made when?
Umberto Boccioni spoke of physical transcendentalism. What does this term mean?
a figure that seems to lift itself form material into spiritual.
Giacomo Balla Dog on a leash was made when?
Giacomo Balla neatly summed up in painting what the English photographer (blank)'s (1834-1904) multiple exposed photographs showed: the progressive placement of limbs when a body is in motion.
Edward Muybridge
Marcel Duchamp took lessons of Cézanne, the (blank) (such as Odilon Redon (1840-1961), Cubists, and Futurists.
Marcel Duchamp Nude descending a Staircase No.2 was made when?
Piet Mondrain Composition VII was made when?
Louis Henry Sullivan Wainwright building was built when?
Louis Henry Sullivan Carson Pirie Scott and Company Store was built when and where?
1899-1904 Chicago
Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House was built when?
1909 Chicago
Frank Lloyd Wright Larkin Company Administration Building was built when and where?
1904 Buffalo
Walter Gropius Fagus Factory; Alfred-an-Der-Leinie, Germany was built when?
Franz Marc had been a member of the German expressionist named (blank) group.
Blaue Reiter
Franz Marc was inspirted by what other movement during his time?
Franz Marc The Fate of Animals was made when?
George Grosz was the founder of what group in Berlin?
George Grosz Dedication To Oskar Panizza, (also called Funeral Procession) was made when?
In the hands of George Grosz, who saw humanity awash in the consequences of its own insanity, Duer's (blank) was reborn in 20th.
Kurt Schwitters assembled into delicate collages he named (blank) pictures (after Kommerzbank, or commence bank fragmenting words to coincide with his fragmented pictures).
Kurt Schwitters Picture with Light Center was made when?
Kurt Schwitters was not anti-art but a kind of visual (blank).
Marcel Duchamp Fountain was made when?
Vladimir Tatlin, El Lissitzky, Naum Gabo, and Kasimir Malevich developed interpretations of European modernism. What were the these movements called during their times?
Rayonism, Supermatism and Constructivism
Vladimir Tatlin Model for the Monument to the Third International was made when?
Vladimir Tatlin Model for the Monument to the Third International was inspired by what other artist?
El Lissitaky created projects, or "(blank)" which anticipated futuristic cities and have the feel of space stations or details from some highly complex industrial design.
El Lissitaky Proun Composition was made when?
El Lissitaky Proun Composition roots are from (blank)s forms of (blanmk).
Cubist Picasso
Posters principal (blank), became important for artist, (blan), who designed posters for manifestoes, films, and beer.
mass communicator Alexander Rodchenko
Fernand Leger Mechanical Elements was made when?
Fernand Leger developed a language of (blank).
1924 the writer Andre Breton, a leader of the group published his Manifesto of (blank). The members of the (blank): Max Ernst; Joan Miro, Giorgio de Chirico, and Rene Magritte.
Surrealism Surrealists
Giorgio de Chirico Melancholy and Mystery of a Street was made when?
In Giorgio de Chirico Melancholy and Mystery of a Street, the arcade to her right has the perspective of Munch's (blank), and commonplace environment in which she pursues her game is just as frightening.
The Cry
Salvador Dali was influenced by what artist?
Giorgio de Chirico
Salvador Dali The Persistence of Memory was made when?
In, Joan Miro enrolled in an art school, 1914 he exhibiting his works influenced by (blank), (blank) and Post-Impressionism.
Fauvism Cubism
Joan Miro The Birth of the World was made when?
Pablo Picasso Three Women at the Spring Picasso was made when?
Pablo Picasso Guernica was made when?
Constantin Brancusi was was influenced by (blank)and the revolutionary developments in painting then unfolding in Paris.
Constantin Brancusi Bird in Space was made when?
Henry Moore, a British sculptor, was influenced by (blank) and (blank) and works.
Brancusi Columbian Renaissance.
Henry Moore Reclining Mother and Child was made when?
Walter Gropious, Bauhaus, Dessaus, Germany was made when?
Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Glass Skyscraper Project was made when?
Giovannni Michelucci, Stazlone Centrale, Santa Maria Novella, Florence was made when?
Charles Edouward Jenneret-Gris, also called Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, Poissy, Seine-etoise was made when?
Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water, Bear Run, Pennsylvania was made when?
Hood and Howells Tribune Tower was made when?
Arthur Dove was inspired by what artist?
Wassily Kandinsky
Arthur Dove That Red One was made when?
Georgia O'Keefe Black Iris was made when?
Charles Sheeler (1883-1965) born in Philadelphia, studied with the American painter William Merritt chase in New York. There the work of Matisse, Picasso, Cezanne, and Braque turned Sheeler toward (blank).
Charles Sheeler River Rouge Plant was made when?
Charles Sheeler River Rouge Plant was the precursor of later realist painting, particularly the (blank) of 1960's and 1970's.
Inspired by Dutch art of 17th, a school of realists, known as the Eight or the (blank) for their portrayal of slum life and lower-class urban scenes. Led by (1865-1929) these artists supported themselves as newspaper illustrators.
Ashcan School Robert Henri
For (blank) the attitude of aesthetic qualities and human feelings were inseparable which shape his students George Bellows and Edward Hopper.
Robert Henri
George Bellows Stag at Sharkey's 1907 was made when?
George Bellows Stag at Sharkey's is somewhat of a German (blank) painting, an objective depiction of the tough and durable temperament of these city dwellers, who seem to be modern descendants of (blank)'s rough men and women.
expressionist Brueghel
Edward Hopper Early Sunday Morning was made when?
Edward Hopper Early Sunday Morning could be a street of any small American city, capturing a mood as effectively as any (blank) painting.
1966 Whitney Museum of American Art moved to its present location. These Museums and New York galleries (Leo Castelli) exhibited a succession of artistic experiments that changed modern art. Name these movements.
Abstract Expressionism, color-field painting, hard-edge abstraction, Pop Art Minimalism
Jackson Pollock studied with painter (blank).
Thomas Hart Benton
Influence of Jackson Pollock's art were surrealists (such as (blank)'s work), abstraction (such as (blank)'s) and his acquaintance in New York with the Russian émigré artist Arshile Gorky.
Miro Kandinsky
Jackson Pollock created a new process where the he moved around its edges, letting dripping swirls of color fall from his brush. A visual paradox, reflecting contrary notions such as control and accident, identity and anonymity, drawing and painting, comes together in an image of continual motion contained within a single plane making paint, action, and canvas come together. What is it called?
Action paint.
Jackson Pollock Lavender Mist was made when?
Willem de Kooning painted the principal "subject" of his work, using it to describe a figure perpetually in the state of becoming or dissolving into paint, fragmented the figure into areas of pigment, applied with gestural power that he been called what?
gesture painter.
Willem de Kooning Woman I was made when?
Willem de Kooning Woman I has an archetypal female is portrayed, following an interpretation of women in late 1890s.
Name two artists that may have provided this influence? Klimt, Much.
Mark Rothko was influenced by what movement?
Mark Rothko Orange and Yellow was made when?
Mark Rothko's large scale imagery placed him among the Abstract Expressionists, but his choice of simple geometry links him to classical abstraction of (blank).
Mark Rothkoe is known for painting, a strongly spiritual quality.
Morris Louis began to experiment with water soluble and gives a flatter finish than oil paint called what?
acrylic paint
Morris Louis Beth Aleph was made when?
Louis's had the paint soaks directly into the canvas called (blank), which is the modern day analogue to medieval and (blank) frescoes, where paint was bonded with the plaster of the wall.
stain painting Renaissance
The (blank) painters were inspirational to American sculptors (David Smith and Alexander Calder).
Abstract Expressionist
Impacting David Smith's art was his travels to Europe in the 1930s, encountering (blank), (blank), and (blank), some welded metal sculptures by Picasso.
Cubism Surrealism Constructivism
David Smith Cubi XVII was made when?
Alexander Calder was strongly influenced by (blank),(blank), and (blank), (blank).
Mondrian Miro Constructivists Surrealists
Alexander Calder Red Petals was made when?
The elegant shapes of Alexander Calder's mobiles, with clearly defined edges and often in bright, clear colors, are reminiscent of (blank) and (blank) and of the Abstract expressionists.
Matisse Picasso
Alexander Calder also created large non-moving sculptures that he called (blank) which consisted of vigorous planar shapes intersecting and springing up from several points on the ground.
Robert Rauschenberg was first exposed to (blank) ideas by the composer John cage, whom he went at Black Mountain College in North Carolina in 1952
Combing the painterly abstract style of the Abstract Expressionists with the found objects of Dada, Robert Rauschenberg created collages, as well 3-D "(blank)".
Robert Rauschenberg Retroactive I was made when?
Robert Rauschenberg Retroactive I has the spontaneity of an Abstract Expressionist work and the evocation quality of (blank).
Jasper Johns's interest in challenging established notions of reality and illusion made him one of the pioneers of (blank), (images from popular culture are transformed into object of art.)
Pop Art
Jasper Johns Flag was made when?
George Segal Bus Riders was made when?
Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Diptych was made when?
Roy Lichtenstein WHAAM! was made when?
Claes Oldenburg Soft Toilet was made when?
Witty and nightmarish, the development of "soft sculpture" and Claes Oldenburg's interest in taking common objects of their normal context is similar to that (blank).
Louise Nevelson Royal Tide IV was made when?
One group of artist, such as Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, developed color-field painting into a refinement known as (blank).
hard-edge abstraction
Ellsworth Kelly born 1923, was trained in the U.S. and France continued to explore the nature of color relationships begun by (blank), Josef Albers (Bauhaus painter) and color-field painters ((blank).
Matisse Mark Rothko
Ellsworth Kelly Yellow-Blue was made when?
Frank Stella Tahkt-I-Sulayman was made when?
(blank), such as Frank Stella's works, was derived from the work of Malevich and Constructivists.
Donald Judd Untitled was made when?
Walter Gropius Pan American Building, New York was built when?
Mies van Der Rohe, Seagram Building, New York was built when?
Frank Lloyd Wright, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York was made when?
Ero Saarinen Trans World Airlines at New York's Kennedy Airport was built when?
Miles Van Der Rohe, Illinois Institue of Technology Campus, Chicago was built when?
Paul Rudolph. Art and Architecture Building, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut was built when?
Le Corbusier, Notre-Dame-Du-Haut, Ronchamp, France, was built when?
Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake, Utah, was made when?
Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty was intended to invoke the universal symbolism of the spiral calling up associations with ancient pictograms, natural growth, and regeneration. What universal symbolism in the past would this be based upon?
Tatlin revolutionary tower
Christo "Surrounded Islands" Pink Fabric, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida, was made when?
Philip Pearlstein Two Models In Bamboo Chairs With Mirror was made when?
Philip Pearlstein Two Models In Bamboo Chairs With Mirror is a fragmented antique sculpture, as in (blank) art, and references to a disturbing sexuality.
Edward Hopper
Richard Estes Woolworth's was made when?
Chuck Close Frank was made when?
Jack Beal Hope Faith, Charity, was made when?
Duane Hanson Janitor was made when?
David Hockney A Bigger Splash was made when?
Wayne Theibaud Down 18th St was made when?
Joan Mitchell The Goodbye Door was made when?
Anselm Kiefer Departure from Egypt was made when?