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Health Vocab Unit 1

Introduction unit
Areas of Wellness
Physical, Social, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual
Lifestyle Choices
Choices made daily of how to treat the body and mind (hygiene, diet)
Infectious Disease
(Communicable) A disease that is spread from one living thing to another or through the environment.
Prevention: Wash hands, food, and utensils that reach orifices ;)
Lifestyle Disease
Diseases that cannot be passed from person to person.
Three ways a person could get a lifestyle disease: 1. Daily Choices 2. Environment 3. Heredity
Pre-disposition to Diseases
When someone is more likely to contract a disease because of their heredity.
Average Life Span
77.9 years old
a person 100 years or older
Chronological Age
Age measured in years from date of birth
Physiological Age
Age is estimated from the body's health and probable life expectancy
Lifestyle Practices that Prolong Good Health
1. 8-10 hours of sleep 2. Healthy Breakfast 3. Regular Physical Activity 4. Eat a Variety of Nutritious Foods 5. Healthy Weight 6. Abstaining from alcohol and other drugs 7. Abstaining from sexual activity before marriage 8. Manage stress 9. positive relationships 10. practice safe behaviors
rules for your behavior, your views of right and wrong "LIFE'S STEERING WHEEL"
Goal Setting
decide what is important to achieve in your life
1st Step to Writing a Goal
Write and identify
2nd Step to Writing a Goal
State specific behaviors that will help you set a goal
3rd Step to Writing a Goal
Steps to get ready
4th Step to Writing a Goal
Commit to a starting time
5th Step to Writing a Goal
Make a chart to measure progress
6th Step to Writing a Goal
A force that moves people to act. Someone needs this to change their behavior. Has two types.
instincts, motivations that are inborn, not learned
Learned motivation
life experiences
Factors of the Reward
the value, the timing, the cost, the probability