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This is the Prayer Desk that Fr. Ward or Fr. Commins used to sit and kneel in

Prie Dieu

It is from this place that the Gospel and Sermon is Read


The cup is placed on this cloth and is used to catch any crumbs


This is the lobby of the church


This card has been used to cover the cup


This cloth is used to wipe the cup of wine after you drink from it


In this place the holy vessels are stored and kept


This is the area between the Communion Rail and The Nave


On this table - the bread and wine become Christ's Body and Blood


The Old Testament, Psalm and New Testament are read here


This is the gold plate that holds the Priest Host


This is the cup from which we receive Christ's precious blood


This is the large white table cloth

Fair Linen Cloth

The Acolyte brings these to the priest which hold the water and wine


The reserved Sacrament is stored in this


The priest washes his hands during the service in this

Lavabo Bowl

This is the area where Holy Communion is celebrated - it is Holy


This is the are of the church where the people sit


This table holds water, wine, extra hosts, the lavabo bowl, towel, and candles

Credence Table

This container holds extra unconsecrated hosts for the priest to use

Bread Box

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