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12 terms

Red blood Cells and Transport or Gases

Shape of RBC?
Vascular sinuses of red bone marrow
Where do they come from?
hematocytoblast, erythroblast
Nucleated (?) differentiate into (?)
Erythroblast contain (?)
erythroblast ejects nucleus to become (?)
erythrocyte (aka RBC)
reticulocyte matures into (?)
erythropoietin, liver, kidney
Low PO2 (partial pressure of oxygen) causes (?) to release from (?) and (?)
RBC's, oxygen
the release of erythropoietin stimulates production of (?) for more (?) to cells
highest partial pressure in body is in (?)
deep tissue
lowest partial pressure in body is (?)
tissue is using up all of the oxygen
why low partial pressure in deep tissue?
low, co2
high partial pressure of oxygen translates to (?) partial pressure of (?)