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  1. series circuit
  2. electronics
  3. electric current
  4. battery
  5. potential difference
  1. a the continuous flow of electricity
  2. b the difference in electrical potential between two places in an electric field
  3. c a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy
  4. d the science of using electric current to process or transmit information
  5. e charge has only one path through which it can flow in this type of circuit

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  1. electric charge that flows in only one direction
  2. the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy
  3. a crystalline solid that conducts current only under certain conditions
  4. the relationship which states: the resistance equals the voltage divided by the current
  5. a material through which electric charge cannot flow easily

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  1. integrated circuita thin slice of silicon that contains many solid-state components


  2. digital signalis a smoothly varying signal produced by continuously changing the voltage or current in a circuit


  3. circuit breakeris a switch that opens when current for the circuit is too high


  4. computerthis device prevents current overload in a circuit


  5. electrical conductora material through which electric charge cannot flow easily