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  1. digital signal
  2. diode
  3. battery
  4. potential difference
  5. direct current
  1. a this signal encodes information as a sting of 1's and 0's
  2. b a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy
  3. c a solid-state component that combines an n-type and p-type semiconductor
  4. d the difference in electrical potential between two places in an electric field
  5. e electric charge that flows in only one direction

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  1. the continuous flow of electricity
  2. is a switch that opens when current for the circuit is too high
  3. information that is sent as patterns in the controlled flow of electrons through a circuit
  4. the science of using electric current to process or transmit information
  5. a material that has almost zero resistance when it is cooled to low temperatures

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  1. electric chargethis is a property that allows particles with like charges to repel and opposite charges to attract


  2. static electricitythe study of behavior of electric charges including how charges are transferred between objects


  3. transistoropposition to the flow of charges in a material


  4. integrated circuitcharge has only one path through which it can flow in this type of circuit


  5. electric powerthe rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy


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