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  1. law
  2. legislate
  3. legislator
  4. integrate
  5. nation
  1. a country
  2. b open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups
  3. c government-made rule of conduct
  4. d person who is elected make laws
  5. e make laws

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  1. strongly and publicly disagree and disapprove of an act or law
  2. forced separation of races, ethnic groups, etc.
  3. to change or modify
  4. murder for political reasons
  5. negative or hostile attitude toward an individual or group without good reason

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  1. legislatureplace where laws are made


  2. emancipatemurder for political reasons


  3. amendmentto change or modify


  4. dreamto change or modify


  5. slaverygovernment-made rule of conduct


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