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  1. The distance that light can travel in one year is called a ____________________.
  2. What is the heaviest element that red supergiants can create by nuclear fusion?
  3. What is the name of the galaxy we live in?
  4. A star enters its red giant stage when it begins fusing which element?
  5. In a star's main sequence the element _____________ is being fused into the element _____________.
  1. a hydrogen, helium
  2. b helium
  3. c Milky Way
  4. d iron
  5. e light year

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  1. nuclear fusion
  2. 10 billion years
  3. dark matter
  4. neutron star
  5. Hubble's Law

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  1. What is the most widely accepted explanation for how the universe formed?Big Bang theory


  2. Which theory explains that all matter in the universe expanded from a single point?Milky Way


  3. What happens to the pitch of a car horn as it approaches a listener?the pitch goes up (increases in frequency)


  4. Stars are born from clouds of dust and gas called __________________.dark matter


  5. The larger a star is, the ____________ its main sequence will be.shorter