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Chapter 7 Nervous System

Cranial Nerves: I

I - Olfactory nerve- smell

Cranial Nerves: II

II - Optic Nerve- vision

Cranial Nerves: III

III - Oculomotor Nerve- motor fibers to eye muscles

Cranial Nerves: IV

IV - Trochlear- motor fiber to eye muscles

Cranial Nerves: V

V - Trigeminal nerve- sensory for face and chewing muscles

Cranial Nerves: VI

VI - Abducens nerve- motor fibers to eye muscle

Cranial Nerves: VII

VII - Facial Nerve- sensory for taste; motor fibers for face

Cranial Nerves: VIII

VIII - Vestibulocochlear nerve- sensory for balance and hearing

Cranial Nerves: IX

IX - Glossopharyngeal nerve- sensory for taste; motor fibers for pharynx

Cranial Nerves: X

X - Vagus nerves- sensory and motor fibers for pharynx, larynx, and viscera

Cranial Nerves: XI

XI - Accessory nerve- motor fibers to neck and upper back

Cranial Nerves: XII

XII - Hypoglossal nerve- motor fibers to tongue

What does the CNS include?

The brain and spinal cord

What neuron structure receives receptors?


What helps speeden up the impluse on an axon?

Myelin sheath

Reflix arc is made of what? And what is the process?

afferent neurons --> association neuron (integration center) --> efferent neuron / effector(motor neuron)

Name two effectors found in the PNS?

muscles and glands

What are the three main parts of a brain?

medulla oblangata, pons, mid-brain

What seperates the frontal and parietal lobe?

central sulcas

What happens when the Broca area is injured?

impairment of speech

What is the hypothalamus?


What are three layers of meninges from out to in?

durra, arachnoid, pia

Is a stroke a tramautic brain injury?


What is a concussion?

a cerebral adema

What is the reason of alzheimers?

plaque build up

What are the parts of spinal cord from top to bottom?

cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral

What are the parts of the autonomic nervous system?

parasympathetic and sympathetic

What makes up the Somatic nervous system?


What is the symatetic system?
Parasympathetic system?

systematic- fight or flight
para- digestion

Do neurons in adults undergo mitosis?


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