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Hardware/Software & Storage Media

wireless technology to transfer data
a CD or DVD writer; can be internal or external
Cloud computing
use of web services to perform functions that were traditionally performed with software on an individual computer; i.e. Flickr, Google Docs, etc.
Compact disk (cd)
an optical storage medium made of molded polymer for electronically recording, storing, and playing back audio, video, text, and other information in digital form; also CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
Digital Video Disk (DVD)
an optical disk with a capacity of 47 Gb or more that can hold a full-length commercial movie; also DVD-ROM, DVD±R, DVD±RW, Blu-ray
Drawing software
program used to create vector graphics; provides for freehand as well as geometric shapes
Flash Drive
a plug-and-play portable storage device that uses flash memory and is lightweight enough to attach to a key chain; also known as a pen drive, keychain drive, thumb drive, jump drive
Flash memory
sometimes called "flash ram"; is solid-state memory that can be erased and reprogrammed; gets its name because the microchip is organized so that a section of memory cells are erased in a single action or "flash"
unit of storage measuring roughly one billion bytes
Image editing software
software designed to edit, manipulate or modify digital photographs
a free-standing electronic system that allows transactions or provides information, such as DVD Rental, ATM, gift registry, photo development, etc.
a unit of storage measuring roughly one million bytes
Optical storage
storage device that records data by burning microscopic holes in the surface of the disk with a laser
Painting software
programs used to create bitmap images; useful in creating original art because they provide the tools used by artists (such as brushes and pens)
Point-and-shoot cameras
a still camera used for simple operations
an input device that converts hard copy, such as photos and documents, to a digital copy
SLR (a single lens reflex) camera
camera that has a detachable lens
a unit of storage measuring roughly one trillion bytes
Universal Serial Bus (USB) port
a connection port used to connect various outside devices, i.e. flash drives, USB cables