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to back up (a person/story)
to support
[soutenir, appuyer]
to back up (a computer file)
to save
to be off (to a place)
to go to a place
[aller, s'en aller]
to be off (from work)
to have a day free from work
[être en congé, avoir un jour de libre]
to be off (a game/match/party)
to be cancelled
[être annulé]
to break down (car, engine)
to stop working
[tomber en panne]
to break down (person)
to burst into tears
[éclater en sanglots]
to break/split up (relationship)
to end a relationship
[rompre une relation]
to break/split up (phone)
to become inaudible
[avoir du mal à entendre, couper (téléphone)]
to bring up (a child)
to raise a child
[élever, éduquer]
to bring up (an issue/problem/subject)
to raise an issue or subject
[mentionner, soulever, aborder (pb, subject)]
to call in
to summon
[faire (r)entrer]
to call off
to cancel
to catch up
to reach same speed, to get up to date, to compensate for time lost on sth
[rattraper, se rattraper, combler son retard]
to close/shut down
to stop doing business
to come across
to find by chance, to encounter
[tomber sur, trouver par hasard]
to cross out
to put a line through
[barrer, rayer]
to cut out
to remove by cutting
[couper, découper]
to deal with
to handle
[s'occuper de, se charger de]
to drop in (on sb)
to visit unexpectedly
[rendre visite (à l'improviste)]
to drop out (of university)
to leave without finishing
[abandonner, laisser tomber]
to eat out
to dine at a restaurant
[dîner au restaurant, manger dehors]
to fill in/out
complete (a form)
[remplir (un formulaire)]
to find out
to discover, obtain information
[découvrir, se rendre compte de]
to get along/on with
to have a friendly relationship with
[s'entendre avec]
to get away/off with
not be punished for, to be let off with
[s'en tirer avec, s'en sortir]
to give up
to choose to stop doing
[renoncer à, arrêter de / quitter (job)]
to go off
to leave / cease working
[partir /se couper, s'eteindre (light, power)]
to go off (bomb)
to explode
[exploser ]
to go off (alarm)
to ring
to go off (food)
to deteriorate (food)
[tourner, rancir, se gâter]
to go on
to continue / to happen (usually negative)
[continuer, poursuivre / se passer]
to go out (fire, light)
to cease (fire, light)
to go out (somewhere)
to leave (the house..)
[sortir (d'un endroit)]
to grow up
to become adult, behave like an adult
to hand in
to submit rendre, remettre
[donner (homework, resignation...)]
to hand/give out
to distribute / to give (advice...)
[distribuer / donner]
to hold on
to wait / to be patient or courageous
[attendre, patienter / tenir bon]
to hold up
to delay, keep waiting
[retarder, retenir, bloquer (agreement)]
to join in
to take part in
[participer, prendre part]
to kick out
to expel exclure, [renvoyer,
mettre à la porte]
to lay off
to reduce staff due to redundance or economic hardship
[licencier (économique)]
to leave out
to omit, to exclude
[oublier, omettre]
to lock up
to secure completely / to imprison
[fermer à clé, enfermer / emprisonner]
to look forward to doing
to await with excitement
[attendre (avec plaisir), être impatient de, avoir hâte de]
to look after
to take care of
[s'occuper de, surveiller, faire attention à]
to look for
to search for, seek
to look up (a word)
to check (in a dictionary)
to look up (somebody)
to visit
[rendre visite]
to make up (a story, an excuse)
to invent
to make up (with somebody)
to reconcile after a quarrel
[se réconcilier, se rabibocher]
to mess around/about
to play the fool / to waste time
[faire l'imbécile / traîner, glander]
to miss out (on sth)
to lack the opportunity to participate in some activity
[rater, laisser passer (opportunity)]
to mix up
to confuse (two) things
[mélanger, confondre]
to move in
to take up residence
[emménager, s'installer]
to move out
to leave home / to remove
[déménager / sortir, faire sortir]
to open up (feelings)
to share one's feelings / to open
[s'ouvrir / ouvrir]
to open up (a business)
to open / to start
[ouvrir, monter (une affaire)]
to pick up
to lift up / to collect in a car
[ramasser / passer prendre, aller chercher]
to plug in
to connect
[brancher, connecter]
to point out
to indicate
[signaler, faire remarquer / montrer, désigner avec le doigt]
to put back/off (to)
to postpone
[reporter à, remettre à plus tard]
to read out
to read sthg and say the words aloud
[lire à haute voix]
to run out of
to have none left
[ne plus avoir]
to save up
to save money
[économiser, faire des économies]
to set up (meeting, appointment)
to arrange
to set up (business, company)
to establish
[créer, fonder, établir]
to sign up
to enroll, register / to enlist
[s'inscrire (course...) / s'engager (soldiers)]
to slow down
to reduce speed
to speak up
to speak more loudly / to take active part in a discussion
[parler plus fort / prendre la parole, participer à une discussion]
to stand for (a cause)
to tolerate
[supporter, tolérer]
to stand for (acronyms)
to mean, represent
[signifier, vouloir dire ]
to switch off
to lose interest / to turn off
[perdre de l'intérêt, décrocher / éteindre]
to take after
to be like (in looks or personality)
[ressembler à, tenir de]
to take off (plane)
to take flight / to leave
[ décoller / décoller, partir (person)]
to take off (clothes)
to remove
[enlever, retirer]
to take on (responsibility, task)
to accept
[assumer, entreprendre]
to take on (employees)
to hire
to take over
to become responsible for / to buy out / to replace
[prendre la direction de / racheter / remplacer qqn]
to throw away
to dispose of / to waste
[jeter / gâcher, gaspiller (talent)]
to try on
to put on clothes to see if they fit
to turn on/off
to switch on/off\
to wash up
to clean plates, knives / to wash one's face and hands
[laver (la vaisselle), faire la vaisselle / se débarbouiller]
to work out (at the gym)
to exercise
[faire de l'exercise, s'entraîner]
to work out (problem, cost, distance, sum)
to resolve / to calculate
[résoudre / calculer]
to write down
to put words/thoughts on paper
[mettre par écrit, noter, prendre en note]

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