Athenian Democracy

20 terms by anerenbe

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A list of topics that will be discussed at a meeting.


Something from a time more than 2500 years ago.


A city and the surrounding countryside that controls it. It is independent of other cities.


A decision made by people who are in authority (in power).


A person who is accused of a crime.

Direct democracy

People vote directly to make decisions rather than having representatives.


A long poem that tells a story, usually about a legendary hero.


A process where names are drawn by chance from a large number of choices.


A government official who works for the court.


A person who speaks in public.


It supports or holds something up.


A person who brings a complaint about another person to court.


A political group.


A ruler who seizes power and giverns in a harsh, cruel way.

Primary Sources

Writings and objects that were created by people living at a certain time.


Residents of Athens who had been born outside the city-state.


People owned either by private Athenians or by the city-states.


The only members of society who could vote and take part in government.

3 Pillars of Athenian Democracy

the assembly, the council, and the court.


A place where citizens would debate, listen, discuss, and vote.

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