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Grants freedom of speech, religion (establishment clause), assembly, petition and press.


Prevents 'double jeopardy', states you don't have to testify against yourself, and establishes due process.


Stated that what powers that weren't delegated to the federal government are given to the states.


Abolished slavery and authorized Congress to legislate against it.


said that limitations of court cases on federal government by the Bill of Rights are imposed on state courts too. (selective incorporation)


Extended suffrage to all male African Americans over the age of 21.


Enabled Congress to levy an income tax.


took the right to elect U.S. senators away from state legislators and gave it to the voters in each state.


Extended suffrage to women over the age of 21.


Provided procedures for filling vacancies in the Vice Presidency, and for determining whether presidents are unable to preform their duties.


Extended suffrage to otherwise qualified persons 18 years of age or older.

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