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a person who lives at or often appears in the court of a king or queen; often one who seeks the monarch's favor.


to examine something in order to find the answer to a problem.


1 a view of land that can all be taken in at a glance.
2 a painting whose primary focus is on land.


a short, wise saying that gives instruction about how to live life well.


the general appearance of a place and the features, such as a forest, field, or mountains, that make it unique.


having length, width, and depth.


1 of or relating to something from ancient Rome or Greece. 2 something of lasting worth or excellence.


1 the study of the forms and uses of words in sentences.
2 the study of the elements of any subject.


a gun operated by a matchlock, dating from the fifteenth century (before the invention of muskets).


1 a long stick with a heavy metal ball on the end, used as a weapon during the Middle Ages.
2 a club-shaped staff used as a symbol of authority.


not allowing light to pass through; not transparent.


a palace or large mansion in an Italian city.


the art of using words or writing in order to persuade others.


of or related to the countryside or a farm.


a learned or knowledgeable person; one who spends his life studying.

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