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  1. leukocytes
  2. erythropoietin
  3. basophil
  4. hemostasis
  5. fibrin
  1. a These blood cells are the defense corps of body. They attack foreign invaders, destroy abnormal cells, clean up cellular debris. They are called __.
  2. b Platelets play important role in __, therefore are essential to blood clotting.
  3. c Ultimately converts fibrinogen (a protein) to __ (thread like molecule, like a spider web).
  4. d __ (WBC) - allergenic response and clearing of fat from blood
  5. e Erythropoiesis - erythrocyte production by a hormone called __.

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  1. __ (WBC) - attack parasitic worms and key role in (sorry, not have in my notes)
  2. New RBC cells are made by __ __.
  3. Plasma proteins are made by the __.
  4. __ (WBC) - engulf bacteria and debris
  5. ___ make up 99% of all blood cells.

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  1. precursorMost factors necessary for clotting are always present in plasma in inactive __ (they are always ready to go) form. They are triggered by exposed collagen.


  2. erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets__ is a hormone produced by the kidneys in response to __ oxygen supplies


  3. vascular spasm, platelet plugging, clot formationThere are three main steps to hemostasis: __ __, __ __, and __ __.


  4. proteolytic, fibrin__ is a proteolytic (breaks down proteins) enzyme that decomposes __


  5. hemostasis__ - arrest (stopping) of bleeding from injured vessel.