11 terms

Theology New Testament Chapter 1

Sacred Tradition
The living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the Church.
Divine Revelation
God's self-communication whereby he makes known the mystery of his divine plan.
Salvation History
The story of God's saving activity in human history.
The official teaching authority of the Church that resides in the pope (the successor of Peter) and the bishops in community with him.
A core Catholic teaching that the Son of God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.
A central truth of Revelation that Catholics are obliged to believe.
Literally, "Good News."
A title given for Jesus that means "anointed one." It translates the Hebrew word for Messiah.
A title for Jesus which translates the Greek word Kurios, which rendered the Hebrew word for God. To call Jesus "____" is to call him God.
The core teaching about Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
Immaculate Conception
From the first moment of her __________ Mary was "full of grace" through God, preserved immune from all stain of Original Sin.