Wordmasters 3 gold 2nd list 11/12

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gawk(noun) a clumsy stupid fellow; simpleton; (verb) to start stupidly like a gawkstingy(adj) giving or spending grudgingly or only through necessity; mean; miserly; less than needed or expected; scantyglimmer(verb) to give a faint, flickering light; to appear or be seen faintly or dimly; (noun) a faint flickering light; a faint manifestation or dim perceptionsquat(verb) to crouch so as to sit on the heels with knees bent and weight resting on the balls of the feet; to settle on land without right or title; to occupy illegally an empty or abandoned building; (adj) short, heavy or thickglum(adj) feeling or looking gloomy, sullen or moroselitter(noun) a stretcher for carrying sick and wounded; straw or hay used as bedding for animals or covering for plants; granular clay used for absorbing cat waste; young born at one time by a dog, cat or other animal; rubbish; untidiness, disorder; (verb) to make messy with things scattered carelesslymope(verb) to make gloomy, dull, apathetic; (noun) a person who mopes or is inclined to mope; low spiritsextravagant(adj) straying beyond bounds; wandering; going beyond reasonable limits; excessive or unrestrained; too ornate or showy; costing or spending too much; wastefulglance(verb) to strike a surface obliquely and go off at an angle; to make an indirect or passing reference; to flash or gleam; to look suddenly and briefly; take a quick lookpursue(verb) to follow in order to overtake, capture; chase; to follow or continue with; to try to find, get, win; strive for; devote oneself to; continue to annoy or distress; houndlush(adj) tender and full of juice; of luxuriant growth; rich growth of vegetation; richness, abundance, or extravagance, often tending to the excessveto(verb) to prevent a bill from becoming law; to forbid; prohibit; refuse consent to; (noun) an order prohibiting some proposed or intended act; prohibition; power of ruler, legislative body or President to reject bills passed by other areas in governmentextend(verb) to stretch out or draw out to a certain point; to enlarge in area, scope, influence, meaning, effect; widen, broaden; expand; spread; to stretch or thrust forth; hold out, proffer; to make oneself work or try very harddreaded(adj) something anticipated with anxiety, alarm, or apprehension; feared intensely; faced with reluctance; (noun) intense fear esp. of something that may happen; fear mixed with awe or reverence; reluctance and uneasinessglower(verb) to stare, gape; to stare with sullen anger; scowl; (noun) a sullen, angry stare