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The group that met in 1787 to discuss tax reform was the

Assembly of Notables

During the Reign of Terror, the dominant person on the Committee of Public Safety was

Maximilien Robespierre

During the Hundred Days

Napoleon returned from exile to rule France briefly

One major difference in election procedures for the Legeslative Assembly (established by the Constitution of 1791) and the National Convention that followed it in 1792 was that

there were property requirements for voting for the legeslative assembly, but none for the national convention. All adult French males could legally vote for the convention

The Declatation of Pillnitz

was issued by Austria and Prussia to intimidate French revolutionaries

All of the following were aspects of the influence of the American Revolution on the French Revolution

increasing the class conflict between the nobility and bourgeoisie

The Stamp Act of 1765

required residents of the British colonies in North America to pay a tax on a long list of legal documents, publications, dice, playing cards, and so on

Mary Wollstonecraft argued that

men and women would benefit from sequal equality

The battle that prevented Napoleon's invasion of England was


Napoleon's Civil Code of 1804

institutionalized women's secondary status

The social groups that benefitted most from the Revolution and Napoleon were the middle class and the


According to the text, the Directory continued French wars of conquest begun by early revolutionary governments

because big, victorious armies kept men employed and could draw sustenance from the conquered areas

The National Assembly that ruled France from 1789-1791 passed laws that

broadened women's rights to seek divorce and inherit property

The Charter issued by Louis XVIII in 1814 established

a limited constitutional monarchy

In the years 1789-1791 th eNational Assembly took all of the following actions except

establishing price controls on grain

Eighteenth-century liberalism called for all of the following except

economic equality

Abbe Sieyes's answer to the question "What is the Third Estate?" was that it was

the most useful component of French society

Jakob Walter was

a German soldier drafted for Napoleon's invasion of Russia

During the early years of the French Revolution

common Parisian women played key roles in a number of Revolution events

The situation in Paris on the eve of the Revolution included all of the following except

fear of a royal and aristocratic attack on the city

The distinctiveness of North American society included all of the following except

economic, religious, and ethnic homogeneity

Between 1778 and 1780, the former British colonies in North America were joined in their war against Britain by

France, Spain, and the Netherlands

Opponents of the U.S. Constitution were called


In the 1780s, over 50% of France's annual budget was expended on

interest payments on the deby

The legal definition of the conposition of the prerevloutionary Third Estate included

everyone who was not a noble or member of the clergy

Revisionist historians of the French Revolution stress all of the following except the

conflict between the nobility and the bourgeoisie

The men elected to represent the Third Estate at the Estates General were primarliy

lawyers and government officials

The grievance petitions from all three estates called for all of the following except

A constitutional monarchy?

Th eTennis court oath was

sworn by renegade delegates from the Estates General, most of them from the Third Estate

The term "Great Fear" refers to the

paranoia in the countryside that fanned the flames of trebellion in the summer of 1792

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen guarantee all of the following except

economic equality

The accomplishments of the National Assembly included all of the following except the

introduction of uniiversal compulsory education

According to the text the string of French military victories after the winter of 1793-1794 was largely due to

patrriotism and the superior numbers supplied by the draft

During the September Massacres,

Parisian crowds slaughtered prison inmates

The life-and-death political struggle between the Girondins and the Mountain resulted mainly from

personal hatred and jealousy

According to the text, in the summer of 1789 the National Assembly was driven toward more radical action by

revolutionary actions by French peasants and the common people of Paris

The Reign of Terror ended when

members of the Convention, afraid of Robespierre would turn the Terror on them, had him arrested and executed

The Reign of Terror was directed primarily at

any and all enemies of the Revolution

French Policies in areas conquered by French armies resulted in

strong, nationalistic resentment against the oppressive French

The Committee on Public Safety was

an emergency executive committee appointed by the Convention

According to the text, the populations of the areas of Europe Napoleon conquered came to view him as

a tyrant

According to Olympe de Gouges,

men and women should be equal in the eyes of the law

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