22 terms

Chapter 3 Sociology

social environment
the entire human environment, including direct contact with others
feral children
children assumed to have been raised by animals, in the wilderness, isolated from humans
the unique human capacity of being able to see ourselves from the outside
looking-glass self
the process by which our self develops through internalizing others' reactions to us
taking the role of the other
putting oneself in someone else's shoes
significant others
an individual who significantly influences someone else's life
generalized other
the norms, values, attitudes, and expectations of people in general
inborn basic drives
balancing force between the id and the demands of society
the internalizes norms and values of our social groups
socialization into gender
the ways in which society sets children on different paths in life because they are male or female
peer group
a group of individuals of roughly the same age who are linked by common interests
mass media
forms of communication that are directed to mass audiences
gender roles
the behaviors and attitudes expected of people because they are female or a male
social inequality
a social condition in which privileges and obligations are given to some but denied to others
agents of socialization
people or groups that affect our self-concept, attitudes, behaviors, or other orientations toward life
anticipatory socialization
the process of learning in advance a role or status one anticipates having
the process of learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors
total institution
a place that is almost totally controlled by those who run it, i n which people are cut off from the rest of society and the society is mostly cut off from them
degradation ceremony
a ritual whose goal is to remake someone's self by stripping away that individual's self-identity and stamping a new identity in its place
life course
the stages of our life as we go from birth to death
transitional adulthood
a period following high school, when young adults have not yet taken on the responsibilities ordinarily associated with adulthood