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a push or a pull on an object that can cause it to change direction


a force that pulls any two objects toward one another, such as you toward the center of the earth


the tendency of a moving object to stay in motion or a resting object to stay at rest


a force that slows the motion of a moving object


the ability to do work

potential energy

energy than an object has because of position

kinetic energy

energy of motion

mechanical energy

the kind of energy an object has because it can move or because it is moving

chemical energy

energy that comes from chemical changes

electrical energy

energy that comes from the flow of electricity


the result of a force moving an object

simple machine

a machine made of one or two parts

inclined plane

a simple machine with a flat surface and one end higher than the other

wheel and axle

a simple machine made of a wheel attached to a rod


a simple machine that has slanted sides


a simple machine with a fulcrum that changes the direction of the force


a simple machine that uses a rope and a wheel


a simple machine that has an inclined plane wrapped around a rod

compound machine

a machine made of two or more simple machines

complex machine

a machine made of many simple and compound machines

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