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  1. U.S.S. Oregon
  2. Josiah Strong
  3. Maine
  4. James G. Blaine
  5. Open Door notes
  1. a a note asking nations to offer assurance that they would respect the principle of equal trade opportunities, specifically in the China market.
  2. b argued that the American country and people were superior because they were Anglo-Saxon.
  3. c Warship involved in Spanish-American blockade in Cuba in 1898. Went from Cuba to the Philippines by going around the Southern tip of South America. Showed that we need a better route between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
  4. d February 15, 1898 - An explosion from a mine in the Bay of Havanna crippled the warship Maine. The U.S. blamed Spain for the incident and used it as an excuse to go to war with Spain.
  5. e The 1884 nomination for the Rebublican presidential candidate

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  1. United States political figure who served as Secretary of the Navy from 1889 through 1893, during the administration of U.S. President Benjamin Harrison.
  2. Queen of Hawaii who gave the U.S. naval rights to Pearl Harbor in 1887. Deposed by American settlers in 1893.
  3. the U.S. mediated the end of the war. Negotiating the treaty in the U.S. increased U.S. prestige. Roosevelt received a Nobel Peace Prize for the mediation.
  4. When Cubans started to rebel, Spaniards begain to reorganize prisoners into labor camps.
  5. A dispute between the U.S. and Russia involving who could hunt seals in the Bering Sea.

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  1. Lansing-Ishii Agreement1917, Lessened the tension in the feuds between the U.S. and Japan by recognizing Japan's sphere of influence in China in exchange for Japan's continued recognition of the Open Door policy in China.


  2. Annexation of HawaiiRepublican, William McKinley defeated Democrate, Williams Bryan. The issue was imperialism.


  3. Alfred MahanIn 1890, he wrote The Influence of Sea Power upon History. He was a proponent of building a large navy. He said that a new, modern navy was necessary to protect the international trade America depended on.


  4. General WeylarBrutal general of the Spanish, created "reconcentration camps" in which rebels and Philippians were held indefinitely.


  5. Cleveland and Hawaiidid not want to forcibly annex Hawaii, so he waited five years to do so. McKinley finally did it, felt the annexation overstepped the federal government's power.