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  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  2. Josiah Strong
  3. Queen Liliuokalani
  4. San Francisco School Board Incident
  5. Pago Pago
  1. a Queen of Hawaii who gave the U.S. naval rights to Pearl Harbor in 1887. Deposed by American settlers in 1893.
  2. b 1878 - The U.S. gained the strategic port for use in refueling U.S. warships overseas. It was part of building an international military presence.
  3. c In charge of the navy when the Maine crisis occurred, he had rebuilt the navy and tried to start a war with Cuba.
  4. d 1906 - Racist schools segregated Chinese, Korean and Japanese students because of anti-oriental sentiment in California.
  5. e argued that the American country and people were superior because they were Anglo-Saxon.

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  1. Argentine jurist, Luis Drago, proposed that European countries could not use force to collect debts owed by countries in the Americas. They could not blockade South American ports. Adopted as part of the Hague Convention in 1907.
  2. Kept the purchase price of the canal strip in Panama the same but enlarged the area from 6 to 10 miles.
  3. By the late 1800s, U.S. had exclusive use of Pearl Harbor. In July 1898, Congress made it a U.S. territory, for the use of the islands as naval ports
  4. Discovered that the mosquito transmitted yellow fever and developed a cure. Yellow fever was the leading cause of death of American troops in the Spanish-American War.
  5. The Isthmus of Panama had been part of Columbia. U.S. tried to negotiate with Columbia to build the Panama Canal. Columbia refused, so U.S. encouraged Panama to revolt. Example of Big Stick diplomacy.

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  1. American anit-imperialist leagueA league containing anti-imperialist groups; it was never strong due to differences on domestic issues. Isolationists.


  2. Commodore DeweyIn charge of the navy when the Maine crisis occurred, he had rebuilt the navy and tried to start a war with Cuba.


  3. General WeylarWritten by the Spanish minister in Washington, Dupuy de Lôme, it was stolen from the mail and delivered to Hearst. He had called McKinley weak and bitter. It was played up by the yellow journalists.


  4. Maine1873 - Spain and U.S. government got into a squabble over the Cuban-owned Virginius, which had been running guns. Spain executed several Americans who had been on board. The telegraph was used to negotiate a truce. The incident was played up by the yellow journalists.


  5. Most Favored Nation ClausePart of RTA Act in 1834, allowed a nation to make a special agreement with another nation and give them a preferential low tariff rate.