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Late Roman Empire, Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic Slide Quiz

Slide Quiz on Wed. 11th
St. Peter's (plan), Early Christian
Church on Spilt Blood, Late Byzantine
Great Mosque of Samarra, Islamic
Hagia Sophia (interior), Early Byzantine
Rebecca and Eliezer at the well (Vienna Genesis), Early Christian
Mosque of Selim II, Islamic
Santa Costanza (interior), Early Christian
Portrait of Constantine, Late Roman Empire
St. Michael and the Archangel (ivory diptych), Early Christian
Great Mosque of Tunisia (plan), Islamic
Saint Apollinaris amid sheep, Early Byzantine
St. Peter's, Early Christian
Theodora and attendants, Early Byzantine
Dura Europos, Early Christian
Great Mosque of Córdoba, Islamic
Pantokrator, Middle Byzantine
Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, Early Christian
Interior of Santa Sabina, Early Christian
Virgin and Child Between St. Theodore and St. George, Middle Byzantine
The Good Shepherd, the story of Jonah, and orants (in the catacombs), Early Christian
Santa Costanza (interior), Early Christian
St. Elias, Late Byzantine
Interior of San Vitale, Early Byzantine
San Vitale (plan), Early Byzantine
Basilica Nova, Late Roman Empire
Story of Jacob (from the Vienna Gensis), Early Christian
Portrait Bust of Caracalla, Late Roman Empire
Ardabil Carpet, Islamic
Christ as the Good Shepherd, Early Christian
Madrasa and attached mausoleum of Sultan Hassan, Islamic
Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Islamic
Hagia Sophia, Early Byzantine
Christ Carrying the Cross, Early Christian
Arch of Constantine, Late Roman Empire
St. Mark's Basilica, Middle Byzantine
Trebonianus Gallus, Late Roman Empire
page from the Quran, Islamic
Vladimir Madonna, Late Byzantine
Catacomb of St. Peter and Marcellinus, Early Christian
Portraits of four tetrarchs, Late Roman Empire
Great Mosque of Tunisia, Islamic
Sarcophagus with philosopher, orant, and Old and New Testament scenes, Early Christian
Aula Palatina, Late Roman Empire
The court of Gayumars, Islamic
Portrait Bust of Plontinus, Late Roman Empire
Basilica Nova, Late Roman Empire
Interior of the synagogue at Dura-Europos, Early Christian
Miracle of the loaves and fishes (in Sant'Apollinare) , Early Christian
Mihrab from the Madrasa Imami, Islamic
Choragic Monument to Lysicrates; Late Roman Empire