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the general term apostle means "one who is sent" and can be used in reference to any missionary of the Church during the New Testament period.

beatific vision

directly encountering and seeing God in the glory of heaven


speeches or actions that show disrespect or irreverence for God; also, claiming to have the powers of GOD or to be God.

Chief Priest

Jewish priest of high rank in the Temple. They had administrative authority and presided over important temple functions and were prob. leader in the Sanhedrin.


something that can be spoiled or contaminated, or made rotten, esp. to make morally perverted.


based on the word for "good news," in general, anyone who actively works to spread the Gospel of Jesus; more commonly and specifically, the person is traditionally recognized as the authors of the 4 gospels. M,M,L,J


the study of proper interpretation of the scripture


a group of heretical religious movements that claimed salvation come from the sec ret knowledge available only to the elite initiated in that religion.

mortal sin

an action so contrary to the will of God that it results in complete separation from God and his grace. three conditions see notes


the suffering of Jesus in his final days in his life: his agony in the garden at Gethsemane, His trial and His crucifixion.


a word to describe roman governors. these men had admin. and legal authority over a providence or region in the roman empire.

redemptive love

love that is willing to give everything, even ones own life, for the sake of redeeming, saving, or setting free another person.


the passage of Jesus from death to new life "one the third" after his crucifixion; the heart of the paschal mystery and the basis of our hope in the resurrection from the dead.


an assembly of Jewish religious leaders - chief priest, rabbis, scribes, and elders- who functioned as the supreme counsel and tribunals during the time of Christ.


the Johannine named for a miracle of Christ

theological virtues

the name for the God- given virtues of faith hope and love. these virtues enable us to know God as God and lead us to union with Him in mind and heart.

venial sin

a less serious offence against the will of God that diminishes ones personal character and
weakens but does not rupture ones relationship with God.

Sanctifying Grace

the grace that heals our human nature, wounded by sin and restores us with friendship with God by giving us a share in the Divine life of the Trinity.

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