Chapter 15 Section 1: Substances and Mixtures


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Depending on the physical property observed.
If it is color: Heterogeneous
If it is shape: Homogeneous
Explain how this image could be either Homogeneous or Heterogeneous.
Homogeneous mixture.
How would you classify this matter?
By observation ONLY it would be classified as Homogeneous.
It is a Colloid.
How would you classify this by just looking at it?
What is the real classification for it?
Solids within a Colloid allow the light beam to be seen. Light bumps into solid particles. This is a Colloid
The Tyndall Effect
How does it work?
What type of matter is this?
On the board draw what a suspension looks like.
By a chemical reaction.
How is it possible to separate or break down a compound?
On the board draw what a heterogeneous mixture looks like.
SIMILAR: they have a uniform distribution.
DIFFERENT: compounds are chemically combined, homogeneous are physically combined.
How is a compound similar to a homogeneous mixture?
How are they different?
BOTH: Heterogeneous Mixtures
Suspensions: particles settle
Colloids: Particles never settle
How are suspensions and colloids the same?
How are they different?
It is a suspension. You shake to mix all components.
What do the words "Shake well before using" tell you about the type of mixture you have?
ALIKE: both are pure substances and have a fixed composition. Both have 1 set of chemical and physical properties.
DIFFERENT: compounds may be separated by a chemical process, elements may not be separated at all.
How are elements and compounds alike? Different?
BOTH can look evenly distributed (cannot see the parts with the naked eye)
Colloids are heterogeneous, can be detected with Tyndall effect.
Solutions are homogeneous.
How are solutions and colloids the same? Different?
ALIKE: both are matter, they are made up of atoms
DIFFERENT: Pure substances have a fixed composition, mixtures have different compositions.
How are pure substances and mixtures a like?
How are they different?
Fog is a Colloid. Mixture
Fog is an example of this type of matter:
Coke is a solution or a homogeneous mixture.
A coke is an example of this type of matter:
Salad dressing is a Suspension, Heterogeneous mixture.
Salad dressing is an example of this type of matter:
Copper is an element.
Copper is an example of this type of matter:
Salt is a compound.
Salt is an example of this type of matter:
Heterogeneous mixture with big and small particles.
What type of mixture would you be able to separate using a mesh? (Describe it.)
Solution (homogeneous). Evaporating the liquids and then cooling them. They have different boiling points.
What type of mixture would you be able to separate using distillation? (Describe it.)

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