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  1. Canal Systems
  2. Robert Owen
  3. traditional economy
  4. Fredrich Engels
  5. banking system
  1. a • 18th century banks become available beyond London
    • Bank of England manages public debts
    • Helped with government revolution
    • Created stability by holding most interest rates
  2. b • Jobs passed down through generations
    • Very labor and agriculture orientated
  3. c • 1771-1858
    • Improved factory conditions
    • Founded a textile city, New Lanark
    • Limited child labour
    • New Lanark viewed as a model for factories throughout Europe
  4. d • 1820-1895
    • Wrote The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845)
    • Observed terrible conditions of industry
  5. e • Made transportation easier
    • Britain
    • Aided in the growth of the Industrial Revolution
    • Brought resources inland for domestic usage

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  1. • 1765-1825
    • Invented the cotton gin in 1794
    • Aided in the explosion of the cotton industry
  2. • Invented the mule
    • Sold it's rights for 60₤
  3. • 1730-1795
    • Separated aspects of pottery making
    • Founded Wedgwood Pottery
    • Introduced uniform creation of pottery
  4. • Invented the "flying shuttle
  5. • Workers who opposed the introduction of mechanization of weaving
    • Rioted by breaking machines in 1810's
    • Attempted to maintain the traditional organization of their industry and the independence of their labor

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  1. Industrialization• Mineral energy and technology innovations
    • Britain 1750-1850- after 1850 growth slowed
    • Machines replaced human and animal labor


  2. puddling and rolling• Process of smelting iron used by Cort to remove the impurities from pig iron and roll directly into sheets
    • Had a major impact upon iron production
    • Eliminated the necessary use of charcoal to make iron


  3. convertible husbandry• Farmers switched closed fields between pasturage for animals and grain production
    • In response to the price structure for specific commodities


  4. Great Hunger• 1820-1895
    • Wrote The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845)
    • Observed terrible conditions of industry


  5. jenny• Invented by James Hargreaves; allowed for the spinning of eight threads at once
    • replaced the spinning wheel
    • ADVANTAGES: was a breakthrough in redressing the balance between spinning and weaving/ could spin cottage in large quantities
    • DISADVANTAGE: spun thread that wasn't strong enough to be used as warp


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