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13 terms

most popular egyptian gods and goddesses

13 major gods and goddesses of egypt on page 46 of the ancient egyptian world by eric h. cline and jill rubalcaba
creator god, associated with fertility; sometimes pictured as a goose, but most often represented as a man
Necropolis god, connected with mummification; usually has a head of a jackal
War goddess; has a head of a lioness or a cat
Goddess of women, also sky goddess, tree goddess or necropolis goddess; has a head of a cow or cow's horns, often with a sun disk on the head
Sky god; has the head of a hawk, often with double crown
Wife of Osiris, guardian, and magician; often has hieroglyph of her name on her head
War god; often has head of a hawk, with sun disk and two plumes on top
Goddess of war and hunting; wears red crown or has two crossed arrows and shield on her head
Ruler of the Underworld, god of dying vegetation, and husband of Isis; usually shown as a mummy and holding a scepter and wearing white crown with plumes and horns; usually appears in a greenish color
A creator god; the patron of all craftsmen, including architects, artists, and sculptors; frequently shown as a man dressed as a mummy, he built the boats for the sould of the dead to use in the afterlife
Sun god; has head of a hawk, often with a sun disk on his head
God of disorder, deserts, storms, and war; usually
God of writing and counting; has head of an ibis, often with moon crescent; sometimes depicted as a baboon