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Bid-Rent Theory
William Alonso
Population Theory
Thomas Malthus
Karl Marx
Central Place Theory
Walter Christaller
Least Cost Theory
Alfred Weber 1
Demographic Transition Model
Warren Thompson
Heartland Theory
Halford John Mackinder
Sector Model
Homer Hoyt
Development Model
Walt Rostow
Concentric Zone Model
E.W. Burgess
Domino Theory
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Agricultural Model
Von Thunen
Multiple Nuclei Model
Harris and Ullman
Core-Periphery Model
John Friedmann
Human Development Index
United Nations
Rank-Size Rule
George Zipf 1
Heartland and Rimland
Mackinder and Spykman
Primate City Rule
Mark Jefferson
Epidemiologic Transition Model
Abdel Omran
Gravity Model
Matt T. Rosenburg
Rimland Theory
Nicholas John Spykman
World Systems Theory