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The statutes for workers' compensation laws fall under

federal and state compensation laws

The reason for workers' compensation laws is

All of the above

Workers' compensation coverage is elective in the states of

New Jersey and Texas

If a worker has a work-related injury or illness and is unable to perform the duties of his or her occupation for 2 months and then returns to modified work for 1 month before returning to full work, the claim is referred to as a/an

temporary disability claim

When a case is rated for permanent disability and settled, this is called

compromise and release

Final determination involving settlement of an industrial accident is known as


An individualized program of therapy using simulated or real work tasks to build strength and improve the worker's endurance toward a full day's work is known as

work hardening

Videotapes made of the patient without his or her knowledge to document the extent of the patient's permanent disability are called

sub rosa films

Supplemental reports for patients on temporary disability should be sent to the insurance carrier

after every office visit

Undescended testis


Chronic perichondritis of pinna


Vaginitis, NOS


Burns from pajamas being on fire


Congenital hydrocephalus


Attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity


Chronic laryngitis


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Biopsy of external ear


Initial nursing facility care, detailed or comprehensive history or examination, straightforward or low-complexity decision making


Established patient, home patient, problem-focused interval history and examination, straightforward medical decision making


A form of self-insurance designed to serve a small manufacturing company is known as _____ insurance


If a workers' occupation takes a person into another state, most compensation laws are ____ and effective outside the state by either specific provisions or court decision.


Rehabilitation in the form of retraining, education, and job guidance and placement to assist an injured individual in finding work is called _____ rehabilitation.


A/an _______ evaluation of the worksite may be performed and modifications may be instituted to lessen the possiblity of future injury.


A physician hired by the insurance company or appointed by the referee or appeals board to examine an injured worker and render an unbiased opinion regarding the degree of disability is referred to as an/an ____ .


A ___ report is sent to the insurance carrier after 2 to 4 weeks of treatment to give information on the current status of the patient.


A broad section of the ICD-9-CM containing codes grouped by the disease or illness is a


The cause of a disorder is its


Codes used to classify environmental causes of disease or injury are called ___ codes.


Codes used to signify a reason for an encounter with a healthcare professional other than illness are ___ codes


The _____ digit is the subcategory.


The abbreviation that is the equivalent of "unspecified" is ____ .


At times, the medical assistant must code a ____ if the physician is not yet sure of the diagnosis.


The ____ status is the condition of the patient


_____ codes are separated and reported separately.


_____ are procedures or treatments named for a person.


Special symbols used to provide additional information about certain codes are called _____ ; seven are used in CPT-4 coding.


______ and management codes are used for physician office visits.


The dollar value of each basic unit value used in anesthesia coding is called the ____ ____ .

conversion factor

A(n) ____ ____ code indicates that addiditional or supplemental procedures carried out in addition to the primary procedure are needed.

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