15 terms

Google Search

Essential vocabulary covered in our Google search unit.
Specialized search for things such as weather, movie times, conversions, and definitions.
Exact Phrase Search
Uses quotation marks to keep multiple words together
Stop Words
Common words like and, the, of, at, by, etc. which Google ignores.
Synonym Search
Uses the ~ to search for similar words
Case Sensitivity
Google is not case sensitive
Site Search
Allows search to customize search results by site or domain. Format is site:
File type Search
In advanced search can specify which type of file you want - PDF, .PPT, etc.
Using an * replaces one or more letters in a word or phrase.
minus sign
If placed in front of a word, will eliminate that word from your search results
plus sign
If placed in front of a word, will ensure that word is in your search results
Boolean Search
And, or, not
Google Advanced Search
Allows you to use Boolean searching, and customize your search results by language, file type, date, reading level, etc. to name a few.
Spider Bot
Software that crawls the web in search of pages to add to Google's search index.
Includes the keywords that describe your topic and the Boolean operators used to form the search.
Essential words which make up the search query