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  1. The early Classical symphony was characterized by quickly ascending themes with a strong rhythmic drive. These are known as:
  2. What is the program, or story, behind Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun?
  3. What happens to Billy at the end of Billy the Kid?
  4. Which movement of a symphony is traditionally the slowest?
  5. The first era of Western music in which instrumental music was as important as vocal music was the:
  1. a Billy is tracked down and killed by his childhood friend Sheriff Pat Garrett.
  2. b Rocket themes.
  3. c The text describes a faun, a mythological creature of the forest that is half man, half goat. This "simple sensuous passionate being" awakes in the woods and tries to remember: was he visited by three lovely nymphs, or was this but a dream? He will never know. The sun is warm, the earth fragrant. He curls himself up and falls into a wine-drugged sleep.
  4. d Baroque era.
  5. e The second movement.

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  1. An aria.
  2. "Blue" note.
  3. Twelve-tone Music.
  4. The most gifted child prodigy in the history of music.
  5. America's greatest band master who conducted the U.S. Marine Band from 1880-1892 and later formed the Sousa's Band. Known as "the March King".

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  1. Vivaldi's music students at the Conservatorio del'Ospedale della Pieta were:His red hair.


  2. Clara Schumann was a virtuoso performer on:The piano.


  3. Haydn enjoyed phenominal musical success with two trips to which country?England.


  4. Which of the following women organized concerts featuring music by her brother?The second movement.


  5. Romantic composers sought to make the instruments sing. This statement best describes the element of:Melody.


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