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  1. Who was the main Impressionist composer we studied and what nationality was he?
  2. The instrumental form based on the contrast of two dissimilar masses of sound is called:
  3. Which of the following is a well-known set of concertos by Vivaldi?
  4. What happens to Billy at the end of Billy the Kid?
  5. Wagner called his operas:
  1. a Claude Debussy; France.
  2. b The Four Seasons.
  3. c Music dramas.
  4. d The concerto.
  5. e Billy is tracked down and killed by his childhood friend Sheriff Pat Garrett.

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  1. "Blue" note.
  2. A surprise loud chord is played in the slow movement.
  3. Haydn.
  4. An aria.
  5. Mozart.

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  1. Which of the following was a widely loved nationalist opera composer?Concerto.


  2. The overall form of a minuet and trio is best described as:A-B-A.


  3. What trend inspired composers to write music evoking scenes or sounds of far off lands?The revolutionary score touched off a near riot.


  4. Which composer has been considered to be the single most important phenomenon in the artistic life to the latter half of the nineteenth century?Palestrina.


  5. The new pre-Classical "sensitive" style, which saw the first stirrings of Romanticism, was called:Empfindsamkeit.