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  1. The solo instrument in Spring from The Four Seasons is:
  2. How did comic opera differ from opera seria?
  3. The short, lyric piano piece was the instrumental equivalent of:
  4. How many bars is in the standard blues song repeating pattern?
  5. Which best describes the style of the third movement of Brahm's Symphony No. 3?
  1. a The violin.
  2. b A melancholic waltz.
  3. c The song.
  4. d It was sung in the vernacular, it presented down-to-earth plots, and it featured ensemble as well as solo singing.
  5. e Twelve.

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  1. "Blue" note.
  2. Baroque era.
  3. Counterpoint.
  4. Russia.
  5. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel.

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  1. The three main sections of sonata-allegro form are the exposition, development, and:Russia.


  2. Which 20th century Russian composer had three periods of composition and also wrote The Rite of Spring?Igor Stravinsky


  3. Beethoven suffered perhaps the most traumatic of all maladies for a musician. What was it?Explosive and independent.


  4. What instrument did Louis Armstrong play?The trumpet.


  5. A drama that is sung is called:An opera.