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  1. During the nineteenth century, concert life began to center in the:
  2. Tchaikovsky's fanciful ballet about a child's Christmas gift and dreams of exotic people and places is:
  3. What is the principal element of a fugue?
  4. Wagner called his operas:
  5. The group of early Baroque writers, artists, and musicians whose aim was to resurrect the musical drama of ancient Greece was known as:
  1. a Counterpoint.
  2. b The Florentine Camerata.
  3. c Public concert hall.
  4. d Music dramas.
  5. e The Nutcracker.

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  1. Camptown Races.
  2. New Orleans
  3. Four.
  4. Opera buffa.
  5. Exoticism.

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  1. Which of the following does NOT characterize the music for Act III, scene 1 of Die Walkure?Subordinate orchestral role.


  2. Total abandonment of tonality (centering in a key). Atonal music moves from one level of dissonance to another, without areas of relaxation.Atonality.


  3. What happened at the premiere of The Rite of Spring in Paris, 1913?New Orleans


  4. What scene is depicted in Smetana's The Moldau?A peasant wedding, nymphs in the moonlight, and patriotic castles.


  5. Who was Haydn's principal patron?Prince Esterhazy.