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  1. Which composer has been considered to be the single most important phenomenon in the artistic life to the latter half of the nineteenth century?
  2. A drama that is sung is called:
  3. The approximate dates of the Baroque period are:
  4. Which movement of a symphony is traditionally the slowest?
  5. Which country does Mariachi music come from?
  1. a Wagner.
  2. b An opera.
  3. c The second movement.
  4. d 1600-1750.
  5. e Mexico.

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  1. Poland.
  2. Visions that foretold the future, founding her own convent, and writing religious poetry.
  3. Baroque era.
  4. The piano.
  5. The ripieno.

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  1. Which of the following dance types was NOT standard in a Baroque suiteTarantella.


  2. The two principal centers of nineteenth century ballet were France and:Love, longing, and nature.


  3. A song structure that is composed from beginning to end without repetition of whole sections is called:Through-composed.


  4. Instrumental music endowed with literary, philosophical, or pictoral associations is called:Program music.


  5. The most important instrumental genre of the Classical period was:The symphony.


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