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  1. Which country started the Expressionist movement?
  2. Which best describes the opening idea of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5?
  3. What happened at the premiere of The Rite of Spring in Paris, 1913?
  4. What is the typical number of movements found in a concerto?
  5. The most important keyboard instrument of the Romantic period was:
  1. a The revolutionary score touched off a near riot.
  2. b A four-note motive.
  3. c Three.
  4. d The piano.
  5. e Germany.

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  1. The name of Christ is mentioned throughout.
  2. Wagner.
  3. Two sopranos and basso continuo.
  4. Igor Stravinsky
  5. Triangles, cymbals, and bass drums.

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  1. Beethoven's temperment could be best described as:A-B-A.


  2. A twelve-tone scale, including all the semitones of the octave, is called:A half-step.


  3. An arrangement of the twelve chromatic tones that serves as the basis of the a twelve-tone composition.A ground bass.


  4. Music based on the seven tones of a major or minor scaled is called:Cyclical form.


  5. An Italian comic opera is called:An opera.