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Canada: Physical Features

The Pacific Ocean
borders Canada to the west.
The Atlantic Ocean
borders Canada to the east.
The Canadian Shield
takes up nearly 1/2 of Canada's land. It is rich in natural resources (trees, minerals & water).
The Hudson Bay
is a gulf in east-central Canada. It connects to both the Arctic & Atlantic Oceans.
The Great Lakes
are 5 freshwater lakes on the border between Canada & the United States.
H=Lake Huron
O=Lake Ontario
M=Lake Michigan
E=Lake Erie
S=Lake Superior
The Rocky Mountains
are a mountain chain in western Canada & the United States.
The Arctic Ocean
borders Canada to the north.
The St. Lawrence River
connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.
The St. Lawrence Seaway
was completed in 1959 by the U.S. & Canada. It is a series of locks, canals and dams on the St. Lawrence River.