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Important words and terms about the spartans


- Family of one of the kings of Sparta
- Descended from Procles
- Lycurgus was part of this family


o Other family of Spartan kings
o Descended from Agis


- "those who dwell about"
- Not citizens of Sparta
- Lived around Sparta in the highlands of Laconia
- Only Spartan people that were allowed to go to other cities
- They would fight for Sparta but were not allowed to marry Spartan women or men


o "Captives/Slaves"
o Majority of population around Sparta
o Supported the Spartan citizens
o Could be killed by the krypteia
o Mostly from Spartan-conquered Mycenaean cities


o Citizen/Soldier of Sparta
o Fought in a phalanx
o 8 ft spear
o Hoplon Shield


o "Shine of the Hoplite Soldier"


o Complete suit of armor and weapons
o Hoplites wore it
o Protected not only one but part of the hoplite next to one in battle
o 60-80 lbs


o Mythological sisters
o Could turn men to stone at sight


o "Competitive Struggle"
o Played a major role in Sparta


o "Infanticide"
o "Place of Rejection"
o Bad babies were thrown into a chasm at Mount Taygetos
o There way of fixing the population to have the perfect people


o "Rearing"
o Men were in it from age 7 to 20
o The Spartan education
o Trained men into fighters
o Made the "earn" their citizenship


o "wolfpack"
o Group of young men in the agoge


o Not much known about them
o Lurk around the helots
o If a helot was acting up they would make them "disappear"

Temple of Artemis Ortheia

o Festival
o 12 yr old boys would have to get the cheeses
o 15 yr olds whip the boys while they go for the cheeses
o Test of Endurance


o Festival of naked children
o The children would perform athletics and dance
"war dances"


o The Spartan senate
o 60 yr old Spartan men
o Lycurgus made it
o 30 members
o Made laws for the Apella to vote on


o Every male homoioi in Sparta
o Vote on laws
o Lycurgus


o Sparta had 2 kings
o One would campaign
o Other would stay in city
o Roles of the kings would switch
o Agias + Eurypontid

Melas Zomos

o Traditional Spartan meal
o Black soup
o Boiled pig parts


city, identity


sacred song


fear that caused Greeks to evacuate when the Persians came

Esoterike Harmonia

state of self-composure, basis for Spartan life


the shield the Spartans used in the phalanx


an elder Spartan


a helot hut

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