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  1. does a machine reduce the amount of work that is being done? Explain.
  2. What two things do we need to know to calculate work?
  3. And example of a wedge.
  4. Whats a wheel and axle?
  5. example of a wheel and axle.
  1. a turn a door knob (the wheel) the axle moves, to unfasten the door.
  2. b Doorstop. it holds things together.
  3. c No, the same amount of work is done, whether you do it yourself, or use a machine.
  4. d we need to know the size of the force that was put on the object, and how far the object moved.
  5. e a simple machine that is made of a circular object connected to a rod.

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  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. a device that helps make work easier by changing the size or direction of a force.
  4. a simple machine with a straight, slanted surface.
  5. Machines can change the size of the input force necessry. Also, they can change the direction of the force, which is especially helpfulo when we are trying to life somthing.

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  1. What are compound machines?a machine made of two or more simple machines. example: scissors, can openers


  2. if you are pushing against a wall, are you doing work? explain.No. work is only done when the object moves. if the object doesnt move, no matter how much force you put on it, it isnt work.


  3. what is mechanical efficiency?simple machine that is made of a wheel with a groove in it and a rope. it is usually used to life heavy objects.


  4. What is the formula to calculating work?P=W / T, the unit Watts


  5. ^ ---> Doing work?Yes